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True Writer Obsidian Pencil 1.7 5 7 7
Obsidian Pencil I have purchased two of these pencils. they work great for the first few weeks until the initial lead is gone and then trying to reinstall lead is a real issue. I thought I was the reason the first one broke, but the second one did the same thing. Now they sit in my desk and I don't know how to fix them. August 25, 2012
Fond of My True Writers I have had this pen for sometime now and really like it. I have several high end pens and, in my opinion, the True Writer ranks right up there. I especially like the girth and weight. It is comfortable for extended periods of writing with a smooth ink flow. This pen was my initial purchase from Levenger, but has not been my last. I have several Levenger brand pens, rollerballs, and fountain pens. April 23, 2012
True Writer Pencil The look of the pencil is nice but it is very difficult to use. Often times you can not get the lead to come out when you twist it to continue writing. Refilling the lead is also troublesome as half the time it would not work and the chamber would break the lead in half. I am very dissapointed in the mechanics of this pencil, looks good but doesn't work. August 26, 2011
I received this pencil as a gift. It was personalized for me and it lasted a tad over a year. I am very disappointed and won't order a new one. Maybe I can find one, locally that will be of better quality. February 7, 2011
pencil I loved the pencil & the pen to use, but they have a very poor quality. The inside mechanism is made of plastic & the constant turning wears it out and it breaks. It did last me for a year, but for 80 bucks I should get better quality. October 16, 2010
Unusual lapse in quality the pencil looks and feels GREAT however after a week it stopped feeding the lead so I can write with it. The rollerball and the ballpoint in this style work fine and are my workhorses. October 7, 2010
Not worth it The Obsidian line looks good on the website and in the catalog but I would not recommend purchasing it. If you're like me and take these reviews with a grain of salt, please do NOT have it monogrammed like I did. Now, I can't return it. I have to say though that the pencil is much better than the rollerball pen. September 3, 2010
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