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Bomber Electronics PhoneNote Case 4.3 5 10 10
Perfect Gift For My Wife I bought this for my wife's Iphone 5 and it works like a charm. Easy to slip the phone into & easy to take it out when she needs to answer it. Delighted. July 9, 2013
Love this item I love the Bomber Jacket line of products. This case is great for quick trips which don't require bringing the entire contents of one's purse. Beautiful material. June 22, 2013
Perfect Since I keep my cell phone in a LifeProof casing, it's challenging to find an outer case that will allow me to put my cell phone in during round-the-town running especially while running during business hours. This case holds my cell phone, a few note cards, a pen, credit card & DL. All my necessities to take customer calls, their order/request & do what I need to do, and all while carrying just one little clutch/case. Love it!!! June 5, 2013
Bomber jacket electronics phone/note case I purchased the bomber jacket phone/note case on sale for my Galaxy SIII. The phone fits nicely. Finally found a case for my Galaxy phone. The note compartment is a little small, but I make it work. I can finally locate my phone without digging in my purse. May 22, 2013
Versatile Case Nice, soft leather case that is versatile and can be used for many functions. Outside pockets are useful for organization, but it did not have the inside stash pocket for 3x5 cards as shown in the description - not sure if this was a mistake in the description or if my case was not manufactured properly. April 13, 2013
Not a phone case This just wasn't what I was looking for, although it might suit other people. The problem lies partly in a lack of interior photos, as well as an incorrect description ("Inside stash pocket for 3 x 5 cards"). The interior has no interior pockets, period. So it's really just a little wristlet purse — albeit one with some EXTERIOR pockets. Which are no good if you want to carry anything with a reasonable sense of security. I realized, once I had it in my hands, that I could put my phone in it — and then anything else, like ID or credit cards, cash, etc., would have to just drop right to the bottom. And given the way the bag is oriented, I'd probably have to remove the phone and turn the thing upside down to shake out said cards through the narrow top zip opening. So it's a fine little bag — it's just not fitted enough to deserve the name of "case." April 6, 2013
Very Practical iPhone5 Case I have used the Bomber iPhone5 / Note case nonstop, since it arrived. As always, this Levenger leather product is superb. Very practical, like the size, and it fits nicely into my St. Tropez bag as well. March 11, 2013
Multi-taking phone case! I received this item in the mail a few days ago and I love it. I bought it to hold my work Blackberry and my personal iPhone. It does this task beautifully and leaves room for ID, credit/debit cards, a lipstick and cash. The review who said it was bulky actually did me a favor because I knew I needed a serious multi-tasking accessory. It it was a quarter inch wider, I'd give it a 10. Thanks for another great product, Levenger. February 25, 2013
A little too bulky.... I purchased hoping for an attractive way to carry phone, credit cards & to which I could attach my keys: everything I need when I don't want to be burdened with a full sized handbag but which I could carry around inside said handbag when necessary. The Bomber jacket case does all that, but it's WAY too bulky to suit me. It is well made, and the materials are first rate. I like the rugged style (even though I'm female), but it's just too clunky. Should have just returned immediately but thought I'd adjust. I have not. IMHO this product is useless for a man, and too big & cumbersome for a woman. I love Levenger products and feel sad to leave an unfavorable review. (BTW I'm still carrying my black levenger wallet after 20+ years and don't dare replace because I love it.) November 14, 2012
Bomber Jacket Phone Case I own a Droid Bionic by Motorola. This fit my phone perfectly. I originally purchased the Marley Smartphone Case based on its description and diminsions. It was too small for my phone. I gave it to my daughter-in-law to use with her iphone. The leather of this phone case is very soft and the pockets are great for money and credit cards. It's perfect to use when I need to run up to the store and want to carry my cell phone. PLEASE make more cases for cell phones OTHER THAN the iphone. August 15, 2012
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