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Decathlon Ballpoint 5 5 3 3
A Great Pen To Give and To Receive! I had delayed purchasing this pen until the price went down, and although I believe that it should sell for $39.95, it is nonetheless a good buy for the money spent. This pen has a very "masculine" size. shape, and feel, and may not be suitable for smaller hands or those who prefer a lighter pen. The unique shape does prevent the pen from rolling off the page/table, etc. and the ink flows neatly and evenly. The twist-on method of opening and closing is ideal, although I would prefer a tighter "feel" when doing so. The color is very masculine and this pen makes for a great gift for a male user. Overall, I am very satisfied with this pen and I have also bought several other Levenger pens in the past. All of them have worked well for me and also have been appreciated as gifts. My only "negative" is with the pricing of the pen, but the low cost shipping expense helps to off-set the cost to a certain degree. I would recommend this pen for personal and business use, and as a gift. October 15, 2012
Great Pen, Especially For a Man! I have purchased several Levenger pens in the past, and have always received good-excellent value for the money spent. I have looked at this pen for some time and I thought that the cost was too high until you recently reduced your pricing to its present level. The pen is designed to fit a man;s hand rather than a woman's because of its style and weight. It writes smoothly and the pen opens and closes with a simple twist. Its appearance is stated well and the color is not feminine and attractive to a man's taste. Overall, I believe that this pen is/will be an excellent buy and one that I will enjoy using for many years to come. I highly recommend this product at its CURRENT price. It fits my hand very well and does not slide off the paper or desk because of its design. All in all, a very good buy for a man, or as a gift for him. October 14, 2012
My Favorite Ballpoint Although I use fountain pens and vintage dip nibs almost exclusively, I wanted a nice heavyweight ballpoint/rollerball for my pocketbook. I waited until it went to clearance as the price was higher than I wanted to spend. As soon as I opened the box I was in love. It wrote immediately, was much more beautiful in person, the picture can not do it justice. I couldn't be happier and I would in all confidence, recommend this pen to anyone who loves the Shiraz color and enjoys writing with a substantial pen. The resin is nearly two-toned, both a solid color and a streak of pearled shiraz that runs throughout. Just stunning, and it's also easy to find in my pocketbook. I gave it 4 stars for value because at the clearance price, it really is, but at full retail...I thought a bit high. It is, in my opinion, the best looking pen I've purchased from Levenger. My recommendation, grab at least one before they are gone. October 7, 2012
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