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Decathlon Rollerball 4 5 3 3
Beautiful Pen I wasn't sure I was going to like the shape of the barrel but it is VERY comfortable to hold and to write with. I had no trouble with the refills or with the screw top. I got the pen on sale for $49.95 and 20% off of that so a great deal. I would buy another in a heart beat as a gift for a close friend. September 14, 2013
Great pen but with small flaw I've always been a fan of Levenger pens, especially the old brass shafted pens. This has the same heft as one of those pens, giving it a good feel for those who like a sturdy, heavy-weight pen. I've taken mine on a test drive, and I noticed one thing that was a bit disappointing for it -- manufacturing flaws happen, and on this little quirky pen, a row of the threading is missing out of the interior tip for when the refills are exchanged. I am not a fan of the standard tips that come with levenger rollerball pens (preferring needlenose style), so I went to exchange them right away with refills I purchased along with the pen. Because of the missing threading, it's harder to get the tip installed back properly due to the internal spring mechanism (that gives the needlenose a *great* feel) It's a few minute battle to get the tip on properly and secure, but beyond that little flaw, I love this pen, great feel in the hand. If you like a lighter pen, this model will probably leave you unsatisfied, but for someone who, like me, prefers a heavier, solid-feeling pen, this is a great addition to your pen collection. As an aside, I really like the clip on this pen, different style than all of my other levenger pens, and it makes me wish all of them had this style of clip. Very attractive, and looks great. :) April 25, 2013
It's average quality pen I have been using this pen for last 3-4 days and my comments are - 1. It is on sale at $59.95, which is a good price. 2. I have noticed that most of the Levenger Brand pens are heavy in comparison to similar pens in market. This pen is little heavy and thick - makes it hard to use. 3. The quality of this pen is average and worth $60. June 23, 2010
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