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Decathlon Fountain Pen 4.5 5 2 2
Wonderful Fountain Pen I have wanted to get this pen since it first came out in the Shiraz color. I am not disappointed at all.The color is beautiful and it writes very well. Many fountain pens need coaxing to write at first, but this one wrote perfectly right out of the box. It is very well made and doesn't seem cheap to me at all. I have other, more expensive, fountain pens that are not this nice. May 2, 2012
The pen was sent to me by mistake. I ordered a Decathlon ballpoint. But I decided to keep the pen. I like the feel and the way it writes. It's very smooth. My only complaint, a minor one, is that the cap fits loosely on the faceted barrel unless the cap is pressed in hard. I'm concerned that over time, if I press too hard, the facet edges may gouge the treads inside the cap. January 11, 2009
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