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Galaxy Stars Medium Fountain Pen 2.5 5 2 2
Galaxy Isn't Stellar This pen should get a 5 bc it is gorgeous, but it just doesn't work. Due to the other comment I babied the cap and did have trouble getting it just right. It is annoying but it was workable. After one night carrying it in the box in my purse the bottom fell off! I don't know if that part is supposed to screw on or not. It sorta stays on but I can't count on it. This pen is so beautiful and the parts are good quality so it is worth fixing the mechanical issues. June 21, 2012
Sending it back This pen is so pretty and I was excited to order and receive it, until I took the top off. The screw closing is done with a different black plastic material and thus was cross-threaded when I unscrewed it. Repeated attempts to make the screwing/unscrewing of the top (hoping it would make a groove in the threads) was unsuccessful. I have three other Levenger fountain pens and none do this. For $100, I would expect an impeccable closing, not one I have to fiddle with every time. June 7, 2012
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