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Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode Large Fountain Pen 5 5 1 1
Interesting concept I ordered one as soon as I saw that Levenger carried them and had a very good special offer. Basically it is a fiber tip pen with a hood covering the point that looks like a fountain pen. I have the medium point and it writes well but I would like to try the fine point. It is made well and solid but I'm not sure that it is a great value when one realizes that it is really a fiber tip pen. Oddly I did have several people ask me what it was this past week when i was at a conference and they saw me writing with it. They each thought it was a fountain pen and were surprised that I left it sitting with the cap off for so long and it still wrote. I have never had so many comments about any pen that I have used. October 17, 2011
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