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Pelikan Tradition M200 Italic Pen 3.7 5 3 3
Response to Danny re: M200 Piston I have the M200 and love the pen. I bought one with an F nib from Levenger roughly 15 years ago and it still fills and writes like a dream. The Pelikan italic nib on this model is smooth and carefree and gives a lively quality to my otherwise rather awful looking handwriting. The main point in writing this review is to help out the 1 star reviewer "Danny" and to say a few words about filling the pen. Like all Pelikans, the M200 has a removable nib. This is a wonderful feature enabling you to swap between italic and regular nibs with ease. However, when filling the pen, you do NOT remove the nib. Instead, you dip the nib of the pen into the ink and use the piston to draw the ink up into the barrel. From reading Danny's review, I suspect the source of his leaking problem is that he REMOVED the nib and then tried to draw ink. I have little doubt that this would be a nightmare to do and create a big mess. When used correctly, the piston system works flawlessly, even after 15 years of continuous use. December 12, 2012
My most favorite pen: Pelikan Italic I purchased a Pelikan Italic pen years ago and it quickly became my favorite work-a-day pen. It would fill completely.I used it every day. It never leaked. It wrote smoothly every time. I have been so distraught since I recently lost it that I have to finish mourning its lose before I consider replacing it. You must have receive the one pen that got through Pelikan's quality control process. I urge you to try a replacement. I think you will revel in the many compliments you will receive on your penmanship. July 18, 2011
Purchased this pen 3 months ago, nice size and finish. However, the ink piston is a nightmare. Does not fit correctly in the barrell, and leaks. When filled completely with ink, the top of the pen cannot be completely replaced without forcing ink out of the nib onto the table, or into the barrel of the pen. Would suggent new buyers avoid. April 15, 2011
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