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Chesterton Espresso Ballpoint 5 5 5 5
Beautiful, beautiful pen Beyond what I had hoped for after reviewing website picture. The actual color of the pen is a very rich ebony-dark chocolate with streaks of birch wood. It's trimmed all in gold colored plate and is just downright beautiful. Has very nice size for my medium size men's hand and substantive balance and weight. Just love writing with it. Has attracted several comments from people around me when using. Really glad I purchased on sale. January 13, 2013
Excellent Buy For The Money. I have purchased several Levenger pens over the past few years, and the Chesterton ball-point is one of the best. It is well-designed and very masculine in shape and color. It is not a "light-weight" pen to use, and someone with a small writing hand or who perfers a lighter one to write with, may not fully appreciate this one. Like G.K. Chesterton himself, this pen is hefty but nimble, and very colorful in appearance. I would have preferred to pay $10.00-$15.00 less for the ball-point, but it still has good value for the price. Overall an excellent writing instrument to have and to pass down to a son or grand-son. October 4, 2012
Great Pen; Great Value This is my second Levenger classic ink pen and I must say that I'm impressed for the second time. The tip glides over the paper with ease and I don't get any ink flow interruption on my very difficult signature. Love this pen! April 10, 2012
Buy this pen! Gorgeous! I am a Levenger fan, and probably would be considered a Levenger collector for as many Levengers as I have, but I am a pen user, not just admirer. My previous favorite-to-use pen was the recently retired grey and pearl Chesterton with silver appointments. I did not know if I could love a gold-trimmed pen with the same ardor. The Espresso Chesterton Ballpoint makes my heart soar. The heft of the Chestertons is perfect in my large-sized female hand. The beauty of this pen is unsurpassed. As the pens reflects the light a rich depth of patterns of various shades of brown are visible to great effect. It is absolutely breathtaking. I have been buying Levenger ballpoints for years and not a single one has had a mechanical issue. These are solid, well-made, gorgeous pens and this is an extraordinary example. Despite the fact that one might think a brown pen appeals mostly to men, the shear beauty of the depth of the pearl-like brown tones would make this perfect for men or women. Do not miss the chance to buy this pen. December 22, 2011
Beautiful gift I of course use pens, but any king of pen is okay with me. The President of our company is travellling to Japan and he wanted to take something nice to our client's President. One of the recommended gifts to Japanese clients is a pen. So searced around on the internet and came up with Levenger. After a lot of research, I chose the Chesterton Espresso Ballpoint. It just came and it is absolutely beautiful!! The shades of brown are lovely and the feel of the pen is heavy and robust, yet well balanced. The gift box was a wonderful surprise as it is better than expected with the posh cover and plush inside. I wish now I had purchased extra refills as I don't know how long the one will last that comes with the pen. December 9, 2011
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