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Levenger Bottled Ink

Price: $12.00
Item: PR0220
Dip into a classic American microbrew
If you still practice the ancient and satisfying art of writing with a fountain pen, you should be rewarded with ink that more than satisfies. Levenger Bottled Ink is what fountain pen ink should be: smooth and rich, designed to last, formulated to delight.

Why you'll experience such a satisfying write
Levenger inks resist fading as well as feathering. They are moist on your nib but dry readily on your paper (especially helpful for left-handed writers). They're lightfast and maintain a crisp line without spreading. The even saturation ensures no skipping.

And Levenger inks come in a panoply of colors -- to match your mood, suit the occasion, enliven the page.

Enjoy ink that's American-made and rigorously tested
We brew Levenger ink right here in the U.S. The formula is closely held and conforms to our exacting specifications. As part of our testing, we've asked professional calligraphers to put the inks through their paces.

Levenger inks have also been time-tested by the many customers who have dipped their nibs into a bottle. We've been offering this microbrew since 1998.

Buy your Levenger ink by the bottle or the six-pack
Choose how you wish to color your writing world -- bottle by different-color bottle, or in one of the prepackaged six-packs we offer.

And yes, Levenger fountain pen cartridges contain the same finely formulated ink.

A few tips about the colors of Levenger inks
The Raven Black is semi-permanent, and therefore ideal for record-keeping. The other colors are washable.

In the photo, the color you see in the bottle is lightened a bit to better show you the ink color. To see the color that your ink will be on paper, see the color blocks under 'Choose Color' (below).

  • 50 ml
  • Glass bottle
  • Inkwell inside the bottle for easier dipping

Dip your nib into the ink designed to perform on the page with every stroke of your pen.
Levenger Bottled Ink 4.5 5 104 104
First bottle, but not my last The variety of colors offered made it tough for me to pick any one bottle! That being said, I am quite impressed with my first ever bottled ink! It is quite smooth and crisp, and I can attest to the ink's strength since I got some on my fingers while filling my pen (I'm a beginner, ok? :) and have yet to find something strong enough to wash it off... July 30, 2014
Can't Go Wrong I always look forward to getting new ink, and Levenger is the way to go. The bottles themselves are stylish and fun to display on my work desk, and the ink itself is top quality-very dark and resists fading or spreading quite well, especially given the low price. I appreciate the inkwell for dipping as well! October 23, 2014
Empyrean - Surprisingly Rich Color I know Levenger inks are quality inks from previous purchases. Although I'm not a blue-black fan, I decided to order a bottle of Empyrean because it looked like it might be more interesting than regular blue-blacks - and I was right. The color, to me, is richer with more deep blue than other blue-blacks I've tried. Well behaved, as expected, on fountain pen-friendly paper as well as bagasse (sugarcane) paper. Empyrean is a great business color without being boring. And the bottle is ingenious - you can get every drop of ink out of the bottle easily. October 10, 2014
Good quality ink This ink writes smoothly without feathering and dries quickly. Unfortunately, I didn't like the color (Regal). It doesn't look at all like the photo. It's the exact color of grape soda. October 9, 2014
Beautiful Ink I recently purchased a bottle of the Blazing Sunset ink to go with my collection of Levenger Ink. I Inked up my Noodler's Konrad because of the Flex Nib. I have to say this is just like a yellowish Orange Sunset. The shading is fabulous! I love it so much. I look forward to ink up my True Writer with the ink and write many "Fall Notes." It is a stunning Color, well worth every penny I spent and more I think! September 11, 2014
Go With The Flow The cocoa shade of Levenger ink has been my mainstay fountain pen ink for a number of years. Perhaps the best of the inks they sell, cocoa has no bad habits and flows smoothly any time under any condition. Other inks and colors have tendency to evaporate on the nib of the pen leaving deposits especially if the pen is used infrequently. Some inks seem to abandon the nib of the pen requiring me to tap the nib to restore flow or advance the plunger in the adapter. This never happens with the cocoa. In a less practical vein, the color is pleasing and unique without being offensive or obnoxious. My co-workers know the writing is mine, but the color does not jump out and shout "different" or require the reader to use sun glasses like some of the mauve or chartreuse inks that lurk in certain ballpoint pens around the workplace. Highly recommended from a functional or aesthetic angle. August 28, 2014
Pomegranate This is a wonderful color, I wanted something "different" than the usual reds/browns that you see elsewhere. This fit the bill perfectly. Very distinctive color and yes it does remind me of the fruit. July 26, 2014
Shiraz is actually brown Although the ink itself is terrific and the shiraz is rich in color, it wasn't what I was looking for. Instead of the rich berry color I wanted (which looked like it would be in the writing sample), it was actually a brown color with a hint of red in it. I did find what I wanted in the pomegranate color, and am seriously considering returning the shiraz. (Will have to see if it's worth it in that I imagine I'd have to pay for the return shipping.) Note that if you want to match colors, the color blocks are the way to go, and not the bottles or the writing sample shown. July 21, 2014
Beautiful color! I was looking for rich berry color to match an existing color palette and found it with the pomegranate color. Note that if you want to match colors, the color clocks are the way to go, and not the bottles or the writing sample shown. July 21, 2014
Love the Ink I have always used cartridges to refill my fountain pens, until my Levenger fountain pen collection began to grow. I bought Blazing Sunset and Claret, and am in love with both of them. The ink was easy to load, and the variety of colors is exciting. The only bad think about the beautiful ink is that I am now compelled to buy more pens? July 10, 2014
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