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Levenger Ink Cartridges, 16 Standard

Price: $15.00
Item: PR0605
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Levenger Inks have all the properties that bottled ink should have.
  • Lightfast
  • Fade-resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Standard cartridges are 1 1/2" long, feature an International end and come 16 to a box
  • All Levenger fountain pen barrels allow room to accommodate a spare ink cartridge
Levenger Ink Cartridges 16 Standard 4.7 5 67 67
Poem, The Ink is My Voice The ink flows much as my blood, flowing, coursing onto page, creating poetry to give to the world. This ink is so fine it leaves the tip of the pen in a smooth line adding body to my words, giving shape to my inner most thoughts. Each color be it black, forest green, regal, or claret, is stunning and clear on the page. Clarity that often skips my mind becomes clear with the swipe of the pen. Each cartridge sits carefully tucked in a drawer, laying on a bed of long forgotten velvet that once belonged to my childhood wardrobe. Somehow I think memories flow from velvet to ink, then transform ideas into beauty of color and pattern. The call of ink to become the written word beacons and cartridge replaced easily so words are not stalled. My voice is heard because of this ink, it sings, preaches, digresses, implores. My voice is magical in amethyst, coloring page and imagination. April 14, 2010
Love it! free flowing ink in a brilliant color September 18, 2014
Great value With all the products I have ever purchased from Levenger, this is no different, wonderful. The color is exactly as it appears on the website. I wasn't sure how close it would be, but am very happy with it! Smooth, no spreading, just as you would hope. September 11, 2014
Bold color Traditional black ink with class. Free flowing, smooth. August 19, 2014
Deep cobalt blue Vibrant color that jumps off the page. I will definitely keep this color in my rotation, in addition to adding others for other pens. August 19, 2014
Excellent pigment Levenger ink is reliable for good penetration on most papers without bleed. I ordered the cobalt blue and it is a beautiful intense pigment. Has a good flow rate from the nib. Best ink I have ever used. August 8, 2014
Best Ink Cartridges I have used these cartridges -- in Skies of Blue -- for over a decade in all of my Levenger fountain pens (and, yes, other brands as well). Very consistent color quality and never a bad cartridge. The standard cartridges allow me to take along an extra cartridge in the pen barrel when I go to a meeting so I never run out. August 6, 2014
Ink works well with my Levenger pens The cartridges fit fine and work well with my Levenger pens. The cartridges were very short. I was expecting the longer ones. If you look at the picture, you'll see these refills are short and stubby. July 17, 2014
Ms Over the past two years, I've tried a lot of different inks in several different pens. Some inks & pens are temperamental: they take extra care to start writing and extra care to keep writing. I practice good fountain pen cleanliness so old, dried ink in the feed or nib is not the problem. I have several boxes of these ink cartridges. Levenger ink is consistent. It flows well, does not clog nibs, writes from the first stroke, dries quickly, and even improved the performance of my most challenging pen (not one of my True Writers). If you are new to fountain pen use or don't want to spend time fiddling to get the ink to flow, Levenger ink is a good fit and the color selection is rich--every one looks great on white or ivory colored paper. I keep 9 pens inked at all times and write through 3-5 refills per week--always flushing the nibs with each refill to keep pens operating smoothly. July 13, 2014
Best ink ever! Levenger ink cartridges are wonderful! Easy to insert, no mess, no fuss and the ink flows smoothly onto the paper Cobalt blue is my favorite color so far and is professional in daily use. July 3, 2014
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