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True Writer® Four-Nib Sampler

Price: $99.00
Item: CA2340
Four top-quality fountain pen nibs
Make your writing more versatile with these four fountain pen nibs. This fountain pen nib sampler lets you enjoy four different ways to write with your True Writer Fountain Pen.
  • 4 long-life iridium-tipped steel nibs, one each in fine, medium, stub and broad
  • Includes easy instructions on how to change the nibs
  • Interchangeable with all True Writer fountain pens except the True Writer Select
  • Precision-engineered and tested in Germany
True Writer FourNib Sampler 3 5 1 1
Fountain pen user needs instruction I wish Levenger would create an informational video for a first time fountain pen user. I think a well-done video would be a win/win marketing link for Levenger to get folks to the site to buy pens. It is hard to even evaluate and buy a pen as novice users do not have enough knowledge to evaluate a pen. and understand what different pen widths and points do. I avoided buying a pen for a long time because of trouble I had using a pen years ago. I would like more information about how to use and store a fountain pen. If I could have seen in one place a quick informational video it would have overcome some of my reluctance. I have had my pen for several weeks and have had some issues with skipping. I bought 4 nib types. I have experimented with all of them. But am frustrated about exactly how best to avoid skipping. Do I need to press harder or lighter. I need some visual pointers. First Time Fountain Pen User Guide 101 instructional video. Should have 1. The beauty of text written with fountain pen verses roller ball and others types. 2. The way to load a fountain pen with ink. The cartridge verses the ink bottle. 3. What is skipping when writing with a fountain pen? How to avoid or reduce this. 4. Suggestions on ways to hold and use pen to get the best performance. 5. Understanding angles that work best. 6. How to store for daily use. 7. When should a pen be cleaned and how. 8. The different nib widths with examples. 9. A calligraphy nib and examples of a nib that produces thin and wider calligraphy flourishes. March 1, 2013
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