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True Writer® Nib

Price: $24.00
Two or more each $19
Item: CA2220
A top-quality fountain pen nib
Make your writing more versatile with this expertly crafted fountain pen nib which fits any of our True Writer fountain pens (available separately).
  • 1 long-life iridium-tipped steel nib
  • Choose fine, medium or broad point
  • Includes easy instructions on how to change the nib
  • Precision-engineered and tested in Germany
  • 1 5/8L x 1/4-inch diameter
True Writer Nib 4.2 5 15 15
Works great! I purchased this "refurbished" from the Levenger Outlet. I have a suspicion that there was nothing really wrong with it, only that the person buying found the line too broad. I'm quite the opposite: I've found that my Levenger Fine nib is too fine and plain looking for most purposes. I do use it, but it's not my fave. My favorite is the stub nib, but that's hard to find. I settled for a Medium nib while I'm waiting. Fountain pen nibs give you narrower vertical strokes and wider horizontal strokes. That's the point. It makes your writing more curvaceous. Personally, I like my writting to be less Twiggy and more Jane Russell, but to each their own. If you're looking for a super-skinny line, you might want to invest in a vintage Isograph. Maybe Levenger could produce a line of updated Isograph-type pens for those skinny line lovers out there? Just a thought. March 22, 2014
Great Addition To My Pen Case This was a replacement for my True Writer Levenger pen, and from the moment it went on it wrote beautifully. The ink comes out in an even flow and makes the pen seem to float across the page. I would highly recommend it to anyone. May 1, 2015
Smooth, juicy Nibs! I've purchased three True Writers, plus the 4 pack of nibs (Fine, medium, broad and 1.1 stub. All immediately wrote smoothy and didn't skip a beat. The only caveat for buyers is, they are slightly broad western nib. So if you're used to or expecting a Japanese fine, you won't find it here. The True Writers boast gorgeous finishes as well. A big plus if you'd like something pretty in the hand. They are smaller in size and relatively light. So if you like bigger or heavier pens you may want to try a metal version or a different model. I'm delighted with ALL my True Writers! Thanks Levenger! February 2, 2015
Excellent Customer Service with great product Purchased L Tech Fountain pen, first nib was scratchy and had hard start issues. Sent me new nib (2nd day) resolved issue. Excellent Customer Service Will buy from Levenger again. November 6, 2014
As expected This works great. Easy to replace the medium nib. No problems with this product. Very happy with Levenger pens. October 23, 2014
Very Good Purchase Love this item, but very disappointed in the true writer pen. I purchased 4 of the true write fountain pens and each one there was problem with the Nib. I called and was told I would be hearing from someone at Levengers, never heard from anyone. I decided to purchase the Nib and am very satisfied with it because I can now use my true writer fountain pen, but I am not purchasing 3 more for each of the other pens. March 8, 2014
Nice, smooth writing pen This broad nib writes very smoothly and is easy to install. With the discount, It was a really great buy. December 14, 2013
Switched to Fine Tip Last year I purchased a True Writer fountain pen, as my first pen since graduating college 15 years ago. I used it for my everyday pen for grading papers (I'm a middle school teacher) and I loved it. The feel of the pen in my hand, the scratch of the pen on the paper, the flow of the ink on the paper... all of it. I did notice that at times the lines seemed a bit thick and sometimes dragged from letter to letter. I just ordered a Fine Tip nib and it made all the difference. The letters look about the same, but there is less drag and the overall appearance is a lot neater. I plan on using this nib until... well as long as I can. I see no reason to look elsewhere. June 17, 2013
High Quality Nib, But Not the Fine Line I Expected I have two True Writer Bright Write fountain pens, both of which I bought with medium nibs. I decided that I'd like to exchange the nibs for fines, simply because the broadness of the lines with the medium nibs was making my messy and cramped class notes (I'm a grad student) a little bit too difficult to read (they're GREAT for other types of writing in which I have more time and space to make my writing pretty, though). The nibs shipped very quickly after I ordered them, and were very easy to install into my pens. They produce clean lines and write very smoothly. However, the lines they produce are no more narrow than those produced by my medium nibs. I was highly disappointed by this, as I hoped that my investment in these new nibs (they were almost as expensive as the pens, which I got on sale) would be worth the improved note-taking experience. I was especially disappointed that these nibs wrote so broadly because I had bought another True Writer pen with a fine nib (it's gold plated--it looks like a different model than these nibs) on Levenger Ebay and it writes with a very excellent, very fine line. I am going to keep the nibs, as I plan on using the pens for years to come and it will be nice to have extra nibs on hand in case one ever gets damaged, but I wish I wouldn't have spent the money on two new and, as it turns out, unnecessary, nibs. April 9, 2013
it needs to be primed every time I thought my original true writer nib had been damaged because the ink would not flow through it - I buy a "fine" replacement, and the same issue happens with it. I have to rinse the nib out every time I want to use it - I set it down for more than 10 minutes, I can't the get ink flow started again February 23, 2012
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