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Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen with Pen Case 3 5 8 8
Small & Efficient I LOVE MY KAWECO PEN! It's so small and petite like me! I originally needed a small fountain pen to carry in my purse for signatures. However, when I received my beautiful pen, I fell in love with it. I now also use it every day. This pen is definitely SMALL yet EFFICIENT!!! January 3, 2012
Skip this one I was looking for a small fountain pen with cartridges to keep in my purse. This one is too small to write comfortably with. The faceted barrel is uncomfortable to grip. The nib seems cheap and the ink does not flow smoothly at all, skipping frequently. I have decided to keep it in hopes that I can overcome my disappointment in its performance. You get what you pay for, but somehow I expected a little more from a German made pen which has been manufactured for so long. January 19, 2014
Great Kaweco pen purchase This is a lovely little fountain pen packed in a terrific, neat, compact box. I had a Kaweco fountain pen and misplaced it. After a great deal of thought I took advantage of a fantastic buy at Levenger and replaced my pen. I am thrilled with it and very happy to now have the great box to keep my new pen in. It fits in my bath and is easy to keep safe and easy to find. I also love the fact that my pen also adapts to standard European refills. December 28, 2013
Adequate Though Handy Fountain Pen I am primarily a fountain pen user, but that typically means wearing a shirt with a breast pocket to carry one, or have one of my more rugged, full-sized pens in my pant pocket (like a Lamy Safari). This looked like it would be a good option. I had also received a rollerball version of this pen, so I knew it would fit my pants. How would it do as a fountain pen? Overall, I'd say it is a fair writer. It's not one I would recommend as an example of how wonderful writing with a fountain pen can be, but it is easily better than a ball pen, and towards the middle of the pens in my collection. For the first page or so of writing, it skipped a bit, but once the feed was fully primed with ink (and I got a good feel for how to hold the pen (each pen is a bit different)), it did much better. That said, it's not the most comfortable pen to write with. My fingers kept finding the threads for the cap. However, with the cap posted, the balance is good. There are two gripes I have. First, it can only take short international cartridges, which means you have to find a special mini-convertor to fill from a bottle (and really, why aren't you filling pens from a bottle?). Second, the fountain pen and rollerball are visually identical when capped. While this isn't a big deal for pens that clip in my shirt pocket (where an order can be maintained), it's random chance which one I happen to grab. In conclusion, it's a decent fountain pen. It's a fair writer, with a level of portability that becomes an advantage. December 10, 2013
not usable this is the worst performing pen I have ever used. No matter what paper I use I cannot get a smooth line out of it. The top half of every letter gets no ink. I have tried and tried to like this pen....as I do like how it looks and its size, but it is unusable. September 26, 2013
Awful I am a fountain pen collector. I have hundreds of pens dating from the late 19th century to the present. This is one of the worst I've ever used. A few weeks ago I ordered two Kaweco pens. I have been using the black one, the blue one was a gift. The black never wrote smoothly, but last week the nib became loose and I have been unable to "reattach" it to the barrel. It just sort of sits there, not falling out, not useable. As a result, I did not give the blue one to its intended recipient. I do like the style of the pen and it is comfortable to hold, but that's not enough. I feel like I threw away $80 on substandard merchandise. December 26, 2012
not a best buy The only feature I like about this pen is the design of the cap the facets keep the pen from rolling away. My pen does not write well the nib skips, hops and stutters across the page collecting bits of paper fiber all the way. The in does not even flow evenly. I expect a pen which has been dropped on its point to act like this. I would not ever recommend this pen to anyone. As I am on a budget and enjoy writing with fountain pens,splurging was to be a treat . My experience with this one is too disappointing for words. August 25, 2012
So sublime I saw this pen in my last catalog ,and thought how good can this pen be at that price? I have purchased items from Levenger over the years so I trusted what their description said. Oh, this pen is such a wonder! Capped, it is so small, and uncapped it is so comfortable to write with. It fits so nicely in your hand that you hate to stop writing with it. The exceptional nib (med.) is so smooth, releasing the ink so evenly and readily. I have never loved a pen as much as this one....ignore the small price....revel in the quality! One word of advice....the free blue ink cartridge is down in the barrel of the pen. Remove this first before you load a fresh ink cartridge or the pen can not be reassembled. November 6, 2011
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