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LTech Stealth Ballpoint 3.5 5 15 15
Great Writing Instrument I ordered this pen in black, and I am pleased to have done so. Not only is it a great writing instrument, but it is also beautiful. It fits very nicely in my hand, it is somewhat heavy, but very well balanced, and the checkered part of the lower barrel enables a firm yet comfortable finger grasp of the pen. Its sleek design and superb function promotes excellent writing technique. I recommend this to anyone who takes writing seriously, and wants a pen of which they want to be proud. July 17, 2014
rugged feel, good performance superior writing with a strong and high tech touch July 17, 2014
The Stealth I work in the Aerospace Industry and can appreciate the analogous reference to the name. But, the quality of the pen is left a bit short. The engaging mechanism "clicks" with a squeaking sound and the threads that assemble the bottom to the top are rough and not smooth. A bit of emery paper did the trick but the customer shouldn't have to do that. But these aside, the pen is comfortable and I happen to like the style - very distinctive. I would recommend this and have ordered a few more. July 17, 2014
Disappointing I Purchased this pen at sale price, but not sure why list price is so high. Ballpoint is much shorter and thinner than rollerball (wish I had purchased rollerball instead). For those looking for a nice ballpoint, any Tru Writer offered by Levenger would be a better purchase. July 11, 2014
Great Pen Well-crafted. Solid metal pen, good weight for a thinner writing instrument. Great customer service as well. I was initially overcharged for shipping. I asked about the high priced shipping and received a refund on the shipping amount due to error. May 22, 2014
Updat So, a few years ago I received this pen as a graduation gift and I loved it. But, within a few months I had issues with the cartridge not fully extending. Levenger replaced the pen, but unfortunately the replacement had the same problem. So, they replaced it a second time. Second time was apparently the charm and I have had zero issues with the pen. It performs as expected, and looks fantastic. The black on the pen wears at the edges over time, which makes the whole thing look better and better everyday. This is my every day work pen and I would never go anywhere without it. April 22, 2014
nice but overpriced i have the l-tech pen and like it; wanted to add the stealth to my collection but felt it was (also) way overpriced. finally it went on sale, and i have it. it seems to work perfectly, and feels sturdy enough. February 22, 2014
Overpriced While this pen looks nice, feels good in the hand, and writes good, I feel that it is overpriced for the quality you get. I have much less expensive pens that write as well and look as good as this one. In all fairness, I have not had the pen long enough to judge the quality of the mechanism that extends and retracts the refill. The pen itself is fairly sturdy, but not enough to merit the purchase price. July 15, 2013
Good but can be much better I would first like to say the look, weight, and feel of the pen are exceptional. It writes very smoothly and I enjoy using it. With that said, when I received the pen, it seems as though it had been used before. The ink cartridge is worn and scratched all over and the box the pen came in wasn't in that great of shape. I know shipping could been the reason for the box, but the ink refill has clearly been used and worn. Also, the clicking mechanism is very rough and makes a scratching/ squeaking noise whenever it is clicked. June 25, 2013
Really like this pen! I've only had this pen a couple of weeks, but I haven't even picked up any of my others since receiving this one. The only thing I have noticed that may not be good is the threads don't feel quite perfect(there is a little wiggle all the way down until its tight). Other than that, I really is the perfect one for me! Thanks! June 8, 2013
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