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LTech Stealth Rollerball 4 5 9 9
Beautiful design This pen was a replacement for another Levenger that did not work for me. I love this pen. I have a few very nice pens and this fits in well. It looks great. It writes well. It handles well. It even has a nib on the end for my Ipad. Built like a tank-heavy and secure. August 23, 2013
Nice weighted rollerball I received this pen as a gift and at first felt it was too heavy and considered returning it. The first time I wrote with it my hand cramped but after giving it another chance I really enjoy the weight and have had no problems since. The pen writes smoothly and beautifully and I also like that the cap screws on. I would warn that the black paint is beginning to come off on the grip. I also plan on purchasing the silver metallic version. May 11, 2013
Awesome! The best pen. Ever. I own several fountain pens and use them all of the time. The stealth pen is by far my favorite. Great weight, and incredibly comfortable. It's 7-sided, which is rare, but no doubt makes it more comfortable. September 1, 2012
L-Tech = Fantastic!!! After owning several rollerball pens, I have finally found the "perfect pen!" If I could give it six stars, I would. I purchased two of these pens (one for black and one for red ink), plus the companion mechanical pencil. I take them everywhere in a three pocket Levenger pen pouch. Why do I like this pen? Well, for three reasons: (1) for me, the cap stays on, which was a major problem with other brands that I owned (I previously ruined three pairs of pants due to ink stains); (2) I like the weight of the pen, which feels good in the hand; and (3) it is nice to look at, like a work of art. If you are attracted to this type of pen / pencil, you should buy it! April 14, 2012
My new favorite Hefty weight and nice style makes this my new favorite pen. My firlst rollerball, it won't be my last. March 3, 2012
My New Pet Pen I ordered this in September 2011 but it wasn't delivered until November 2011, presuming it was being re-tooled, so I can't compare mine to its earlier incarnation. This pen has been in my possession constantly since receiving it. It's become my new pet pen, leash not required. Aware AFTER I ordered it there were problems with the pen's finish chipping I noticed merely one day after receiving it there is a pin-head sized chip near the pocket clip. The pocket clip is very tight, requiring the user to nudge the clip over the pocket. I'm assuming that tightness rubbing along the ridge is how I received my chip. No chips since, however, and it's been dropped, banged, etc. I'm not returning mine; I use it to much. Yet another fine writing with character, along with my Montblancs, Pelicans, Cross Townsends, etc., I've had for years and use constantly. None of them look as new as when I purchased them. I don't expect any well-used tool to look 'new'. Thank you. December 4, 2011
BEST Pen in the World I could NOT be more thrilled with my black stealth roller-ball pen from L--Im so unbelievably satisfied that I have bought 6 of them and 3 or more for my friends!!!!! I hope they NEVER go out of stock.... November 28, 2011
Cap will not stay on...paint wears I REALLY wanted to love this pen. I think the style and heft of the pen are very attractive. HOWEVER, I am extremely DISAPPOINTED in the quality of this pen. After a week of normal use the cap will no longer stay tightly fastened. When I put the pen in by briefcase at night the normal movement of walking to my car will unfastened the pen from the cap...not fun when the pen then leaks over your briefcase contents. Additionally, I was surprised to learn that the black paint was wearing out in places. Hopefully my experience is related to a bad pen and not indicative of the product line. I like levenger but I'm annoyed that the pen bearing their name has so many issues...I wouldn't reccomend this pen and certainly not the "stealth" version. Additionally, I was suprised to learn that the black paint was wearing out in places. Hopefully my experience is realted to a bad pen and not indicitive of the product line. July 28, 2011
Pass on this item I had really high hopes for this pen but have been let down. The cap of the pen has threads that are far too short. Within a week the cap would spontaneously come off making it unsuitable for carrying it in a pocket. It would have made a fine desk pen, but the black finish started to wear off the pens body after just a few days of moderate use! After a month, the pen is simply ugly with all the chips and wear. SAVE YOUR MONEY! July 5, 2011
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