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keeping it because it was on sale This is a good news / bad news item. The good news is the design is innovative and I like the way it presents my pens, the case is nicely constructed and finished and there are recessed magnetic clasps to hold the unit closed, a nice touch. The bad news is the curved pen bed is a hastily molded piece of flocked plastic that varies wildly in depth, so my Lamy 2000 (a thick pen but not huge) will fit on one end but will not fit on the other. My Conklin Nozac will not fit at all. Even something as common as a Waterman Phileas is a bit of a tight fit, and not a large pen. Long story short, the sale price is OK. The shop that made it was very skilled with wood and should have made the pen bed in wood as their skills with plastic need help. March 28, 2008
Pen holder This attractive holder is worth it when you have invested in pens. It keeps them together and protects them from the elements. The tempered glass is a nice feature too. March 3, 2008
Special gift The pen easel was purchased as a gift for a pen collector with very fine taste. I was very pleased with the quality of the wood and the clever design. I had been looking for the perfect gift for him. He loved it! February 1, 2008
Good for Average Sized Pens I loved the case. Most of my Visconti and Omas pens fit nicely. However, I was disappointed to find that larger pens, such as my Omas Imagination, Visconti Titanic and Marlen Eclisse do not fit. Measure carefully to make sure your pens are the appropriate size. That said, it's a gorgeous case! January 4, 2008
Modern Elegance The sleek, contemporary style of this easel fits any decor, and it looks as classy closed as open and exposing the pens. The finish is furniture quality, something you don't often get with other storage cases at this price. And it takes up virtually no room on a desk or on a bookshelf. I liked this product so much, I came back a few months later and ordered a second one. November 29, 2007
Elegant This pen case is elegant stylish and affordable. I am totally satisfied. I have been looking for one I could afford for years. I was pleased when it arrived and it was better than I could have hoped for. October 18, 2007
Great Pen Display Case I gave this pen case to my husband last Christmas. Now his pens are organized and he can find just the right one for each task! October 17, 2007
Excellent display I purchased this as a gift for someone else and liked it so much I got one for myself. It is an excellent way to display favorite pens so they are within reach. The wood is beautiful, and the engraving is top-notch. October 17, 2007
Beautiful pen holder I read the other review that said they liked it until it broke. Once I figured out how to set it up, I've left it open on my desk and I love it! It is very handy for selecting what ever pen I want at the time, and it looks beautiful. I can't speak to its durability, but the way I use it, it's great. October 17, 2007
Beautiful, but with a hidden weakness I purchased one of these items from the Delray store a year ago. For the first 10 months it worked great. Then the hidden weakness showed itself. The unit’s hinges are just brass pins, and when one works loose, like mine did, the whole unit becomes useless. The construction does not allow repair without some of the interior being removed. While it works it is great, when it breaks, it is just sad. September 13, 2007
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