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Sticky Quotes™

Price: $12.00
Item: ADS6540
Put your notes in little quotes
Let’s have a little fun with stickie notes, shall we? Put your note or message in a quote-bubble, a starburst, or an arrow to make your point. (Pun intended.)
  • Stickie pads in various shapes and sizes
  • Pack includes a set of all 3 types — quote bubble, star and arrow
  • 50 sheets per pad
  • 9 stickie pads in total
  • Talking Bubble: 1 1/2W to 3 3/8W x 2H to 2 1/4H
  • Arrow: 7/8W to 2 1/8W x 2H to 2 7/8H
  • Star: 1 5/8W to 3 1/4W x 1 1/8H to 1 7/8H