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Pen Pocket Briefcase with Pen 4.3 5 30 30
Pen keeps falling out. Because I have yet to find anything comparable I am on my third pocket briefcase but my 5th pen. They have a tendency to come loose and without a clip they fall out. Wish they would add a small clip to secure it better to the case. June 18, 2013
good not great I love Levenger products & have been a loyal customer for years. I was excited when I came upon this product because I owned the original pocket briefcase and absolutely loved it (still do) but having to find a place for my pen wasn't always easy. This combo is great in theory but 2 things: a) the pad isn't nearly as firm as the original so the writing surface isn't nearly as sturdy. Not the end of the world - and understandable due to the need to include a pen - but a stronger backing would be nice, and; b) the pen is lousy. It skips & blotches way too much to make it useful. However, I did find a very good replacement - get a T-ball jotter from Parker - fits nicely and they always work like a champ. December 23, 2012
Almost perfect... I have 2 complaints. 1 - switching the note cards in and out is not as easy as it could be (design suggestion below). 2 - I love that the pen is small and fits, I do not like how it writes. As to switching the cards, There's a pocket right behind the card holder to store more cards. If the front had a window cut out, then I could just easily slide cards into the slot where the backups go today. It's not the end of the world to fit in the top, then the bottom to swap cards, it could be a lot easier. I think I may just cut into mine to make it work this way. As to the pen, I prefer pens with more "scatch", like a really thin sharpie. This pad is on the go and it's not ideal to have to push hard to write. I find that I use a different pen often. Aside from that, I love the professional look and feel and the ability to carry this with me. For that, I would recommend this pocket briefcase. October 17, 2012
Best Gift! Have purchased this twice (my step-father lost one) he liked it so much! Great quality, functional, something he uses everyday. The embossed monogram adds a personal touch. May 7, 2011
Husband loves it The pen pocket briefcase was given to my husband as a gift. He loves it and uses it every day to jot notes. He would have given it a 5 star rating if the pen / holder were designed a little differently. If the holder were just slightly larger then any pen could be used. According to my husband the pen that is included writes wonderfully but is slippery in the hand. If it had an etched area or non slip area toward the point it would be much better. Other than that, the quality is great...as usual ! March 5, 2011
pocket briefcase..YES I just got my pocket Briefcase with pen. I love it. I need pen and paper witjh me at all times to jot things down , and get thoughts out of my head and on to paper.. This is the answer. It fits in my pocket nicely, The cards will stay in, if you put more than one in the holderThere is enough room for other cards, and business cards. The only issue i have is that the pens skips the first time you write with it, but I like the pen. If your a geek like me and have thouths, and voices in your head giving you ideas, then you will need this product. It looks good I got the tan one, not the black one. Yep..get this..... July 6, 2010
Lifetime Battery Power I have used my Pen Pocket Briefcase for three years now...and the batteries have never run down!! In all seriousness, even in a time of iPhones and Blackberries, there is a remarkable impact to pulling out my pocket briefcase and writing down that note. I keep it with me at all times (even though I don't often wear a suit jacket anymore). You'd be amazed at how often it is easier to jot down that note than it is to grab some electronic device and "navigate" to the right spot. This is a great and lasting complement to our increasingly mobile lifestyles. October 27, 2008
Best Pocket Brief I am an assistant to a VP, so it is important I have access to paper and a pen at all times. In searching for something that is slim and compact, I found the Levenger pocket brief. I give it 5-stars in all categories, especially for the unique size and quality. October 22, 2008
Briefcase yes; pen, no The briefcase is good-looking, compact, well-designed, holds more cards than you'd expect, and the three compartments make it easy to separate new, used, and ready-to-use cards. The pen is uncomfortable and is a ball-point, not a gel or roller-ball. I have replaced it with a $2.50 Zebra G-301 that fits perfectly into the pen slot and writes and feels much better than the ball-point. The briefcase should cost $25-$30. September 30, 2008
Great Idea But Details Missed I am a repeat Levenger customer, but I have been nothing but disappointed with the Pocket Briefcase. I use Levenger 3 x 5 cards, but the Pocket Briefcase does no hold them well. To put it bluntly, the top and bottom strips are materials are not wide enough to hold the cards firmly. The cards fall out. The purpose of the briefcase is to hold the cards so you can write on them and carry them around without fear of losing them. Maybe I just got a bad one, but . . . I am disappointed in this product from Levenger. August 20, 2008
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