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Freeleaf Recycled White Annotation Ruled Pads, Letter

Price: $32.00
Two or more each $27
Item: ADS5510
Substantial recycled annotation-ruled notepads for the paper aficionado
At Levenger, we understand being particular about paper. Our wonderfully fountain pen-friendly and eco-friendly Freeleaf notepad paper is smooth and substantial, made with sturdy 120-gsm paper stock and a firm cardboard pad backer.
  • 50 sheets per pad, 5 pads per pack
  • Made from 60-70% recycled pulp, including the cover and pad backer
  • Printed using soy-based ink
  • White annotation ¼-inch ruled format
  • Pages are perforated along the top edge
  • Each page has title boxes at the top for categorizing
  • Lines are printed in gray, which is easy on the eyes
  • Green perforated cover on each pad
  • 8 1/2W x 11 7/8H (11H trim size)
Freeleaf Recycled White Annotation Ruled Pads 5 5 14 14
Best paper I prefer the recycled paper to the regular free leaf because it's a bit thicker. Fountain pens do not bleed and both sides are easily read. having the boxes for the various headings is very helpful when at a conference. I shared this paper with others who forgot their regular paper and they are converts. March 26, 2015
Only paper purchase I have a special love for this paper, I LOVE pulling out my "pad" at a meeting and watching other look over with a raised eyebrow. The feel is smooth, writing is smooth. I use it at home, work and committee meetings. January 2, 2015
Great, great note pads I write fiction and use a fountain pen. These pads work beautifully for both: paper is heavy and doesn't smear or show ink on the reverse side. Working with paper, for me, in devising new ideas, characters, gimmicks, etc. is far less restrictive than on a computer. The pads virtually beg to be written on. Ideas just flow, quickly and easily. I own far, far too much stationary supplies, and these pads are at the top of effectiveness and usability pleasure. Thanks, Levenger. July 17, 2014
very good quality I purchase these pads because the quality of the paper is very good. I like the top headings that remind me to insert the date of my notations (I often forget to insert dates) and the only 'criticism' is that for me, the blank side that runs down the left side should run down the right side. I am a lawyer and the pads work well in court. When a witness gives evidence I will frequently write a 'reminder comment' to myself. I prefer to write that on the right side rather than the left side. Just a preference. The pads are far more costly than generic pads but the quality is about 1000% better; the paper is strong and I use a fountain pen and the ink does not flow through to the reverse side so I can use both sides of the sheet. July 3, 2014
Perfect writing experience I decided to stop being envious of a colleague who exclusively uses Levenger notepads to capture meeting minutes and just try them for myself. Love how my fountain pens glide across the surface and no bleed through. If you switch to these notepads you won't regret it. June 12, 2014
The Solution to my Needs This is my third purchase of the Freeleaf recycled pads, and I could ot be more happy with them. Despite being an avid technology user, I like the feel and flexibility (not to mention meeting silence) of using paper. The substantial paper in these pads makes it so I can take note using a combination of ink and markers, facilitating my occasional use of sketchnotes or just flexibile writing that you can't easily do on a tablet device. The ink does not bleed through, making it easy to use both sides of the paper, and the annotation ruling allows me to highlight key items for later review. Also, the smooth paper is a joy to write on. Finally, the organizing boxes at the top let my staff later help me scan these into my tablet's database with keywords that I enter during the meeting. May 29, 2014
Highly recommended I love these note pads. The layout is very useful, with a column along the left edge, which I use for "action items." The paper is high quality and durable and it takes ink well, whether I'm using conventional pens or fountain pens. I recommend these pads very highly! April 6, 2014
Great Paper I like these pads especially because they are recycled and yet quality paper! December 2, 2013
Love these pads! I'm a fountain pen user. This paper is superb. It is the best Fountain Pen Friendly (F.P.F.) any recycled product. $6 a pad is a little high, but I've not found a better pad. January 24, 2012
You'd never know it was recycled! I always prefer to purchase recycled paper; while I can't eliminate my ecological footprint, I can try to reduce it wherever I can. That being said, I've accepted that when it comes to white writing paper, I have to accept some reduction in the quality of recycled paper; it usually is less bright, less resistant to ink bleed, and less substantial to the touch. I believed this until I came across Levenger's Freeleaf recycled annotation-ruled notepads. These have fast become my very favorite writing paper for all of my notes and musings. I love the feel of the paper, its heft, and the narrower width of the ruled lines (I don't like wide-ruled notepads). I really love the white margins, where I can jot action items, pull out major themes and ideas, and sometimes just doodle. This is the only paper I use now in my portfolio notepad, so I love the fact that I can buy it as a 5-pack. Thanks, Levenger, for making such great quality recycled paper; I really hope you never discontinue this item! December 10, 2011
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