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Pelikan Yellow Highlighter Ink for M205 DUO 5 5 1 1
Works well with other pens despite warning. While I like the concept, I don't like the appearance of the pen that goes with this ink, which I think looks like a cheap gimmicky fountain pen (clear plastic?) for the price of an expensive one. I've had few problems, however, after a month of using it in another pen (an older Waterman with a very broad nib). In fact, I've not experienced many complaints that others have had with the M205, as I believe the nib on my pen is much broader and better suited to highlighting. I'm confused as to why the description says this should only be used with the M205, and if it is really just deception for the sake of marketing, it does not reflect well on Levenger. The only problem I've had is that the ink is *extremely* sensitive to contamination from other ink. Despite repeated runs of water through the pen before filling it, there was still a noticeable blue tint to the highlighting from the previous ink, enough to be annoying but not to make it unusable. In three weeks, remnants of the old ink had largely dissolved into the highlighting ink, filling the entire converter with a drab blue-green color. After simply washing this out and refilling the pen one last time, however, it now works perfectly. This would obviously not be a problem if one were using a brand new pen, and had I had one available, using an ultrasonic cleaner would probably have solved the problem much faster. In any case, however, it does seem quite usable in any pen with enough patience to get all traces of the previous ink out. January 7, 2013
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