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Shirt Pocket Briefcase®, Purple
  • Shirt Pocket Briefcase®, Purple
  • Shirt Pocket Briefcase®, Saddle
  • Shirt Pocket Briefcase®, Black
  • Shirt Pocket Briefcase®, Red
  • Shirt Pocket Briefcase®, Saddle
  • Shirt Pocket Briefcase®, Black

Shirt Pocket Briefcase®

Price: $49.00
Item: AL5945
A pocket briefcase and leather notepad
This time-tested leather notepad is the tool for taking good notes on the run, at presentations and over lunch. Our slender Shirt Pocket Briefcase is also a 3 x 5 card holder. It dispenses fresh cards and keeps completed ones separate.
  • Smooth, strong leather writing surface for 3 x 5 cards
  • 2 pockets for 3 x 5 cards, to keep fresh cards separate from completed ones
  • Center compartment for receipts
  • Full-grain leather
  • 3 3/4W x 6H
  • 1.6 oz

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Shirt Pocket Briefcase 4.8 5 139 139
Perfect for notes this item is perfect for keeping notes in your shirt pocket. protects shirt from ink stains and keeps notecards neat. June 29, 2015
Simple, elegant Bought three of these for my friends graduating from college and doctoral programs. Fine quality, good stitching. Intuitive pockets. A monogram is a nice touch, though typeface could be crisper. May 28, 2015
Best invention ever I've been using the pocket briefcases for at least 20 years. Stick it in a back pocket and forget about it till you need to write a reminder or an epic poem! May 10, 2015
Shirt Pocket Briefcase I was introduced to this produt many, many years ago while working in San Diego, CA. While shopping with my grandson, I loss my list, which was in my pocket briefcase. This was my memory helper asI am 65 years old and at time I forget things. I had to get a new one and it was not in any store. I called you and young lady knew what I was looking for. She told me how to find it on the computer and she took my order. She did not rush me to make an order but walked me through it and told me when it should reach me. I'm very thankful that I found what I needed and especially thanful for the way the young lady took my order. It arrived earlier than I thought and it was all because your employee took the time to help an aging customer. You can not find that in many places. Thank you for the product and your helpful employees. May 7, 2015
Deceptively helpful This is one of those items that may seem too simple to be very useful at first glance but in practice will likely make you wonder how you ever lived without it. I purchased this item on sale at the beginning of my PhD program for times where I didn't want to carry around my bigger notebook (since being without something to jot down ideas, to-do lists, or random information throughout the course of my academic day is simply not an option). It still looks like new after tons of use and many miles spent living at the bottom of my overflowing back under laptops, notebooks, and any number of other things that might damage a lower-quality product. I had previously purchased a lower-quality version of this product and ended up not using it very much because it a) covered up too much of the card, b) was ugly and therefore unappealing to whip out in life, and c) didn't really have a good place for me to store full cards. Despite that, I had started using index cards often enough (especially the Action Method cards) that I was willing to invest in a higher quality product. Am I ever glad I did! I wonder now why I took so long to get around to this quick and unobtrusive way of always having a note-taking system handy. The variety of cards offered by Levenger contribute to the amount of use that I get out of this product and I look forward to continuing to enjoy it for years to come. If you're on the fence as to whether or not its actually worth a purchase, believe me that it is! March 26, 2015
Replacement for Lost Item I had a purple Shirt Pocket Briefcase. I seemed to have lost it. Then, I couldn't find my original, not purple, Shirt Pocket Briefcase. When I saw that this was on sale, I grabbed it right up because I have found it so useful. I always have a nice card for note taking and for sharing information with others. The briefcase looks good and the cards feel substantial. It's perfect. March 13, 2015
Why is the Essential Shirt Pocket Brief not avail? I have been using the Essential Shirt Pocket Briefcase for the past 2-3 years and it is always with me. I am not anti-technology, but I would much rather physically write down my notes, grocery lists, phone numbers, To-Do lists, etc., on inexpensive 3x5 index cards. I am very glad that I bought 2 extra as backups, since Levenger stopped selling the Essential Shirt Pocket Briefcase. January 14, 2015
Great gift! Purchased this for my husband who is a super-commuter. He plans to use it to jot down project notes and reminders while on the train. We're both pleased with the quality of the product. January 1, 2015
would be lost without it! This compact,little lifesaver is a daily,organizational essential for me. I use it daily and use it throughout my day as a reference,for notes,as a reminder of meeting agenda items,important deadlines and topics to review with staff---the uses are endless. It's small size makes it so handy and portable. The surface is firm and easy to use as a support when writing notes. The look is neat and stylish. I love it! December 29, 2014
Love It! I (female) received a shirt-pocket briefcase as a gift more than 10 years ago. It's ALWAYS in my purse & provides a great writing surface for the home-printed 3x5 sheets of paper I use for calling cards or notes. I wondered when I first received it how it could possibly be of much use to me, but now I wouldn't be without it. -- And after years of use, it looks almost as good as new. December 25, 2014
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