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True Writer Highlighter 3.9 5 51 51
Highlighter I do not agree with the positive reviews. The yellow highlighter crayons are so hard that the "highlight" is barely legible. In order to leave a discernible mark I've had to run the pen point back and forth several times with heavy pressure. Very disappointed in this product. November 13, 2013
Can't get started I've read the other reviews and I can't even figure out how to load the leads into the case. When I press down on the end of the case the tip extends and I can fit a lead into the tip, but then it is too fat to retract into the body of highlighter. The directions are NOT very helpful. I wish there was a YouTube video on how to load your highliter. September 2, 2013
Much Better Than Regular Highlighters I've been using this extensively in my back-to-school training this year and I'm very impressed by it. The drylighter is very durable and makes a good mark, though I do wish the eraser was better at removing marks. I would also recommend incorporating a clip on the drylighter and allowing for personalization. August 24, 2013
Cool product Being a graphic designer, as well as a pen collector, I found the True Highlighter a unique and innovative product. I have not seen any mechanical highlighters that employ a dry refill (Levenger sent six yellow ones with my purchase). The advantages with using a dry highlighter are that it does not cause the page to bubble; it avoids messes like clothing stains; and has a much greater life span. I also ordered the refill kit, which contained a yellow, pink, and green refill, along with three similarly sized pencil leads. Furthermore, connoisseurs of cool will appreciate the well engineered design to the cap, as it hides an eraser which recesses into the barrel. The Teutonic appeal is further enhanced when you unscrew the eraser from the knurled top to reveal a clever built-in sharpener. The barrel seems to be made of a high-grade acrylic or similar thermo-resin, allowing for a nice glossy finish and good overall weight. The only negative I can find with this product is the lack of a clip--not that I like to clip things in my shirt pocket, but that feature would help keep the highlighter from rolling off my desk. Still, in my opinion, this deficit is more than made up for by Levenger’s inclusion of a zippered pouch. I really like it because I can store my writing pen and Sharpie, along with the highlighter and some refills. July 8, 2013
Love the product, quality is fair I purchased this as a replacement to one that I bought many years ago. The quality of this "version" is far less than I expected. As others have shared it is cheap plastic; my original felt more substantial. And definitely priced too high for the quality. I do however love this product and use it on a daily basis. March 26, 2013
The rollaway highlighter! Love the look, the quality, the weight and that it doesn't bleed through. Wish it highlighted easier with one stroke. Maybe a slightly softer "stick" would help. Really, somebody should have thought about putting a pocket clip on it so it wouldn't keep rolling away: Rubber wrap? Flat-side grooves? A leash? SOMETHING! I could have "pitched" and sold 20 of these if it hadn't been the laugh of the meeting room ... Come on, guys, get a little creative here. We finally wrapped a rubber band around it while editing our mag., because we all wanted to use it. How cool is that, an ugly rubber band around this awesome-looking highligher pen? For the price ... Levenger should consider designing a nice clip and sending a free one to all who have purchased this item. I would do that -- kind of like a recall. Thanks! April 29, 2012
Everybody is right Astonishingly, everything said in these reviews is correct. The bad is: it could use a pocket clip, it will not work without the endcap, the depth of the highlight is not as strong as I would occassionally like, and I would love it if I could get it in a color that matches my other Truwriter products. The good is: it works on any type of paper, it doesn't bleed, and its handfeel on the paper is as wonderful as all the other Truwriter products. It really comes down to which of the pros and cons are more important to you but for me, I love this thing October 10, 2011
dry highlighter The only thing I don't like about this dry highlighter is that it had not pen clip attached to it. I actually had to go to an art supply store to get a 5.6 mm pen holder with a clip. What I would suggest to a friend is buy the refills and go to an art store for the pen holder. This only costed me twenty dollars. The yellow pen holder is easily lost. To sum up yellow refills yes. Yellow pen holder no. September 13, 2011
Doesn't mar the page This is an indispensable tool for marking favorite passages without damaging the book, because no matter the consistency, texture, or quality of the paper, the highlight will not bleed through. While some have complained about the lack of crayon color vibrancy, one does have the option of shading the highlight to preference by marking again or bearing down harder for stronger emphasis, which makes this a feature rather than a flaw. Used in this way, one can highlight with the same color but with different degrees of importance, something not available when using felt-tipped highlighters. March 5, 2011
Poor Design End cap with eraser and sharpener does not stay anchored well in body of highlighter. Must use a case to prevent losing the cap. If cap is lost then the higlighter is useless. April 10, 2010
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