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2 Levenger Rollerball Refills, Extra-Fine

Price: $9.00
Item: APP934
Our German-engineered rollerball refills
Our precision-tooled rollerball refills contain a water-soluble liquid ink with deep color, offering a smoothly flowing write that gives correspondence character. We recommend keeping your rollerball pen tightly capped when not in use to preserve the lifespan of your refills.
  • Refills fit any Levenger rollerball pen (and many other brands, too)
  • Extra-Fine (0.5 mm) has a write-out of 5,249 feet; useful for crunching numbers and detail work
  • Made in Germany
2 Levenger Rollerball Refills 4.4 5 14 14
BASIC pen refills For a company that prides itself on fine writing instruments and boasts a lovely selection of colored inks, the selection and quality of the Levenger rollerball refills is dismal at best. Short of using the Visconti refillable rollerballs (of which I have two), the offerings from Levenger are predictable, boring, and dry out a bit more quickly than they should. April 28, 2013
Pretty Snazzy I've owned Levenger pens for many years, receiving my first fountain pen as a gift -- after going through 5 or 6 fountain pens, I made a shift to rollerballs because the specific pens I fancied are no longer made -- though I'd probably shift to a rollerball of that type if I could get one -- good, old, indestructible brass pens! :(. I really like the needpoints, but I find that there is a quality difference depending on the color ink used. Red is the best -- the ink lasts the longest for number of pages written with a good, consistent ink flow. I suck the life out of the blue ones really fast, but it has the best ink flow. Jury is still out on blacks, but my initial impression is that it's somewhere between the blue and the red in terms of longevity and ink flow. Still, these refills are much better than the average cheap pen you can get, and I own a *lot* of pens. Definitely recommended if you're a pen snob like I am. April 20, 2013
Beware: Will not fit older rollerball pens I recently ordered these refills for my True Writer rollerball. However, when I received them they did not fit. Levenger customer service informed me that these refills do not fit pens purchased in 2002 or prior, and my pen is fairly old. I understand a change of refill, but this caveat should be clearly noted in the product description. I gave the refills 4 stars because they work well -- I just wish they fit my pen! May 3, 2012
High Quality Ink I have a number of high-end pens, and when they ran out of ink I bought refills at my local office supply store. I purchased Levenger refills last time, and there is a huge difference in quality of ink. I dont get the skipping, nor do I need to scratch the rollerball on paper to get the ink flowing. Ink is very smooth. February 6, 2012
Needs More Colors My dad got me a Levenger Rollerball for my 21st birthday and I love it. The ink skipped a little bit when I am journaling and I will sometimes have to scribble on a back page to get it to flow again. However, overall, I love my pen and I love the way it writes. I gave only 2 stars for "style" because I wish there were more colors available for the rollerball refills. My top two choices would be Amethyst and Gemstone Green. I normally journal in black ink, but it would be nice to have more color options. December 29, 2011
Declining ink? The ink is still fine, but the rollerball refills seem to run out far more quickly than they once did. I've used Levenger refills for many years and notice a significant difference in the "writing time" available in my recent refills. Levenger once offered more ink colors, too. Now their selection is the same boring colors that everyone carries. With everyone using red ink these days, perhaps cheerier colors would help brighten our days. October 3, 2011
I like the Ink color The color is very black. I use this pen for journaling. I don't know if its the journal, or the ink, but after about a week, the ink is coming out irradically. I hope it lasts til the end of the month, It's the 13th today.They are a little expensive, but I am enticed by no shipping and no tax. I enjoy buying from Levenger. August 13, 2011
Add More Colors I love these refills, but I would love more colors August 1, 2011
Great for Writing Due to my job I am writing detailed notes all day long. I have found the rollerball ink to be the best value if you are required to do large amounts of writing. The ink is smooth, never smears, and never seems to run out! I have tried the fiber tip, although I find it dries out faster than I would have hoped. I have also tried their ballpoint pens - which are nice - but for 8+ hours of note taking, the rollerball is my top choice. I do wish they had some more funky colors though. I like to add a little fun to my notes. February 9, 2009
A Refill is a Refill Work well, but seem about the same as other quality refills. I do like the convenience and free shipping (and no sales tax, depending onwhere you live). Dependable, moreso on paper than on other surfaces. I would buy again if I didn't want to purchase refills at a local store. February 1, 2008
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