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2 Levenger Safety Ceramic Rollerball Refills

Price: $9.00
Item: PR1590
Our German-engineered rollerball refills
Our precision-tooled rollerball refills offer a smoothly flowing write-out. We recommend keeping your rollerball pen tightly capped when not in use to preserve the lifespan of your refills.

  • Refills fit any Levenger rollerball pen (and many other brands, too)
  • Fine (0.6 mm)  is ideal for general note-taking
  • Medium (0.7 mm)  is excellent for copy-editing, letter-writing and signatures
  • Made in Germany
2 Rollerball Refills Safety Ceramic 4.3 5 23 23
Smooth! A smooth clean ink flow, no bleed. Superior to regular rollerball inks. Will definately purchase more. August 7, 2014
Excellent refills March 26, 2015
Comparing Blue and Black Safety v EF non-safety For reasons that are inexplicable the Extra-Fine Blue non-safety and Black Fine Safety lay down better than the Blue Fine Safety. I tried both the inks on the aforementioned Levenger WIRED notebook (no longer available) and the early model 3x5 card stock (no longer available)--see photos March 16, 2015
Good Refills Fit perfectly in my pen and work well. March 12, 2015
Lay down quality dependent on paper I notice in most of the reviews there is no mention of the line size nor paper. I'm using a 0.6 mm (Fine) on Levenger paper (the old 5 color sprial wound notebook, roughly the same rag as Freeleaf) and the ink flow is highly erratic: sometimes skips, sometimes thick, sometimes thin. Levenger card stock lays down consistent, albeit thiick for 0.6 mm--looks more like 0.8 mm. Field Notes paper lays down good, as long as you are not left-handed--slow drying. Moleskine and the first run of Notabilia notebooks take the ink the best. I'll like return one of my 2-packs of 0.6 mm blue for the non-safety ink in black to see if there is any more forgiveness regarding the rag of the paper. February 19, 2015
Levenger Roller Ball Refill I purchased these refills for a new Chesterton Roller ball. I am very pleased with the flow of the refills, it is like writing with a good quality fountain pen. February 5, 2015
Good refills for Truewriter For the price, these are great for my truewriter pens. I buy in red for grading! January 29, 2015
Excellent refills I have found the ceramic refills to be much better quality than the regular Levenger refills. The ink flows consistently (which it doesn't with the regular refills, at least in my experience) and writes well on different types of paper. January 22, 2015
Terrible ink flow I experienced the same issue noted by LLDD in his/her review of 1/1/15 - the ink does not flow smoothly. It alternates between normal, extremely thin, and sometimes skipping altogether, creating an overall splotchy appearance one would expect from a cheap pen. Both of the refills in the package (blue ink) performed the same way. The refills are where the rubber meets the road, so though the True Writer pen I am using them in is a very nice product, using it is an extremely dissatisfying experience without a quality refill. January 15, 2015
Uneven ink flow I bought these for a pen I was given because I prefer blue ink. The ink doesn't flow evenly and when it does I get big blots of ink that goes through the paper. Within one letter it can go from very thin to a blob! I emailed customer service and the only reply I received was the automated response letter. January 1, 2015
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