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LTech Stealth Pencil 2.7 5 7 7
.7 lead size is the better choice for us. Both of my sons selected this pencil as a compliment to their L-Tech pens. The first guy tried the .5 without success - not from the mechanism but from the fineness of the lead - he just wasn't getting enough image on the paper to be satisfied. After switching to the .7 he has been very happy with it and writes quite a bit in pencil for his school notes. July 28, 2013
Problems Advancing Lead I have to add my voice to the chorus complaining about the manner (or lack thereof) of the lead advance mechanism of this pencil. Don't know what the problem is, but every time that I get to the end of a piece of lead it is almost impossible to get another piece of lead to advance. I have tried loading multiple pieces, shaking the pencil, etc. It is a very annoying exercise. Don't know if the pencil is damaged or what. I love the feel and look of the pencil, so this problem is even more disappointing. March 7, 2013
L-Tech Pencil The tool does not work well after it runs out of the initial lead issued in the tool. I have tried many forms of lead and the tool will not advance to allow for writing. February 25, 2013
Not what I hoped for I was looking for writing instruments that were somewhere between the cheap-o's and the really expensive ones. I thought this was it. I bought the pen and pencil set. In short, the lead breaks too frequently and there is this rattle when writing as if there is too much tolerance between the components when all put together. This is not the medium price pencil (or pen) that I was looking for. P.S. I dropped the pencil. No big deal, people drop pencils all the time. But the point of the pencil bent so badly that it is now useless. Not good quality. Very disappointed. September 7, 2012
Tech Stealth Pencil DO NOT get the .5 lead version. The design of the pencil point doesn't hold the lead properly. As a result, the thinner lead is constantly crumbling and breaking while you're writing. Very annoying! The brushed aluminum version has a completely different tip design and works great with .5 lead. Otherwise, only get the Tech Stealth pencil with .7 lead unless you're a glutton for punishment. February 15, 2012
Very Nice Pencil Love the feel and balance of this instrument. Fits comfortably and has the feel of a precision instrument. I think it's a bit pricey, but am quite happy with my purchase. November 17, 2011
expected better As advertised the pencil has a good weight and is seemingly of solid construction. However, with in a few weeks I had issues with the internal mechanism and the black finish is beginning to chip. Overall...not quite the exceptional quality I get from Levenger. November 16, 2011
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