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True Writer Signature Stub Nib Fountain Pen 3.9 5 22 22
Love this pen! Having been a calligrapher for a long time, I was interested in a fountain pen that would give me the thick and thin variation in line, yet be very smooth and easy to write with everyday. This pen fits the need perfectly. One thing that is true of this pen is that you need to know how to hold the nib on the paper correctly to get ink flow and smooth writing-similar to an italic nib. August 20, 2014
Tips About the Tip This tip is terrific for people who print more than they use cursive writing. It is bold and requires a firm hand. If you write with a light hand, the downward strokes sometimes don't show up. June 9, 2014
Niche nib If you are a regular fountain pen user, you have a couple of these niche nibs in your collection. It is not a true caligraphy nib but it does give your writing a bit of character. Useful for signing cards and cheques. It is too big for my normal use (I use a fine regularly) but those that use a broader nib may find it works for them for daily use. It does have a higher ink flow than a standard "round" nib and you will find you need to fill it more frequently. It is a light pen and medium girth overall. May 1, 2014
Good Pen But Not Great This is the second True Writer pen that I have purchased. I have been very happy with the first. The sales description lead me to believe that the pen nib was cut to facilitate a more expressive writing style. However, perhaps due to the narrow width nib, advertised as a medium point but really more of a fine point, The "style" was difficult to achieve. Other than that a good pen. April 8, 2014
Terrible Nib Unless you are able to fine tune your own nibs, do not buy this pen. Out of the box, It was extremely difficult to get the ink flowing. I had ink in the combs and even on the feed body but it wouldn't flow to the nib. The nib is extremely scratchy and almost impossible to use on an upstroke. It actually wants to dig into the paper. It acts more like a crisp italic nib than a stub. Levenger should revamp the design before selling anymore of these pens. March 12, 2014
Nice Pen... I like this True Writer, but feel it is different enough from the description to mention it in a review. The finish on the pen I got is not as opalescent and gleaming as my other True Writers, and certainly not like the finish of the Kyoto or Sea Glass styles. This one is more understated, black and charcoal with a low-level glimmer in some of the mosaic chips. It's businesslike and beautiful but not as expected from the pictures. The nib on this is more of a fine stub than a medium. If anyone is familiar with the Esterbrook 2314-F, this nib creates about the same line, if a little less dramatic of an effect. In my opinion, this nib is overpriced for what it is, but I certainly can tell the difference between the stub and fine True Writer nibs, where others couldn't. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. September 8, 2012
No Difference from Regular Fine Nib Found no difference between signature nub & fine. July 31, 2012
Not quite as expected From the write-up I expected the snub nib to be somewhere between a regular pen and a calligraphy pen. What I received writes just like a regular fountain pen with no more expression. I could have saved money burying a regular nib. That said, I am pleased with how smoothly it writes. May 5, 2012
True Writer Stub nib Just received my stub nib as well as the True Writer seaglass fountain pen. I found the nib to be very scratchy and not smooth at all. Its too bad, I wouldn't have purchased the pen from the outlet store if I knew that the nib would be so poor. Now I can't return the pen and I am stuck with a nib I don't like. February 21, 2012
Stub This is a superb pen. My favorite in a large collection many of which are much more expensive. Would be nice if it came in colors other than black January 23, 2012
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