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LTech Rollerball 4.1 5 27 27
Best rollerball This is the best pen I have ever had,the style is very unique,but what makes it truly stand out is the size and especially the weight. July 14, 2014
Poor Balance I received my L-Tech a couple of weeks ago and I loved the pen the moment that I held it, but I have to agree with an earlier reviewer about the weight issue. If I place the cap on the butt of the pen while I use it, the pen becomes heavy and the center of gravity is too high causing the pen to be clumsy and uncomfortable in my hand. Its unfortunate because other than this issue I love the pen, but to use it for any period of time I need to leave the cap off which makes it impractical for this to be my primary pen to take with me to client meetings etc. Other than the weight issue the pen is wonderful, the feel and style are fantastic, and it writes beautifully. May 29, 2014
L-Tech Rollerball is Awesome I just received my LTech Rollerball in the mail and I have to say I love it. The fit and finish is great and the pen has a solid feel in the hand. The Levenger ink writes flawlessly. Thanks Levenger January 26, 2014
A pleasure to write with I have wanted to try this pen for a while, but always put it off because I have so many good pens. This one quickly became my favorite. It has heft, but it is not heavy. very smooth. Love the feel of the twist off cap. November 2, 2013
A fun pen to write with! This pen has a great feel - both while holding it and writing with it. Very smooth application of ink to paper with just enough of a 'wet' feel to make you sense as if you are writing with a quality nib & dipped ink. Personally, I like that extra bit of heft and the screw-on cap tops off a fine quality product with great value! July 28, 2013
great looking and well made, but TOO HEAVY!!! i prefer a weighty pen with some heft, but this one is OVER THE TOP. i had no idea you could possibly create a pen that weighs too much, but levenger managed to pull it off. my hand literally starts cramping after only a few minutes of note-taking. aside from not being able to use it for extended writing, the pen is VERY WELL MADE and looks the business. unfortunately, i need a pen i can use in meetings to take rapid-fire notes...and this pen just gets in the way. November 30, 2012
Excellent quality, draws attention The quality of this pen is fantastic. It is one of the pens that stays out on my desk new to my circa notebook, and I use it extensively. It is hefty, feels solid in the hand, and the ink flow is superb. When I am writing, people in the room have actually stopped talking and asked what it is and where to get one. April 14, 2012
For your pen workouts The pen writes like a dream. Smooth, clean,precise. My two complaints are that it's a little heavy, and a long writing session can lead to hand cramps. It's also on the large size; at times I feel like I'm back in first grade with those giant pencils they used to give us. As a result, I tend to write larger. October 23, 2011
L=Tech Great Pen ! Nice and Hefty with smooth flowing and quick drying ink. Gave it as a gift to my husband and he will not part with it October 22, 2011
Fantastic! I use this pen all day long. The feel is fantastic. I did have a few problems with the cap, but the wonderful folks at Levenger have addressed this in style. I think I'll be asking Santa for the fountain pen this year... September 26, 2011
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