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22 Circa X-Large Discs, 1 1/2 inch

Price: $19.00
Item: ADS4810
Expand your Circa notebooks with these extra-large discs
These 1 1/2 inch discs can hold up to 200 pages. Unlike the rings in an ordinary three-ring binder, you don't have to snap these Circa discs open and shut; they're sturdy plastic discs that you press your paper around as you would a Rolodex card.
  • Set of 22 discs, enough for 2 letter-size notebooks or 2 junior-size notebooks plus 2 Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebooks
  • Discs hold up to 200 sheets of paper
  • Each disc is 1 1/2 inch in diameter
  • Durable plastic
Circa Discs set of 22 1 12 XLarge 4.2 5 15 15
great quanity & quality I love these discs because of the quality and quantity. You can make 2 notebooks. October 20, 2013
1.5 inch Circa Discs The 1.5 inch circa discs have more utility than the 0.5 inch circa discs that are shipped with most products July 8, 2013
Why don't they ship binders with this size? I ordered the 1 1/2 inch discs because the size that shipped with the binders with are too small. I think they should ship all the Levengers with these bigger dics. Or they should institute a recycle/buyback program for the old discs, because we have a million of these floating around the office. Everyone changes to bigger discs after getting their Levenger! April 8, 2013
Cover sticks I love the increased size these rings give me, but when used with my bookcloth circa cover, the cover sticks horribly, and won't loosed up after several days of opening and shutting it. The other pages, including 4 plastic accessory storage pages, seem to turn just fine. I ordered these just before the huge ones were released, and I'd like to try the 2-1/2" ones, but I'm hard-pressed to spend $14 if they give me the same problem. Not to mention the fact that I only need one set, not two. Would be nice to be able to order them in sets of 11. November 17, 2010
Just What I Needed! I use the silver discs in my PDA, Junior and Letter size notebooks. Honesty, they did initially stick a bit when I turned pages but for the amount of extra sheets I can add it I feel it was well worth it. Also, I don't feel they protrude much at all when they are filled completely. I purchased one package and was able to supply all three of my books! Great Value. September 29, 2008
Not funtional and bulky, too I ordered these rings to increase the size of my junior Circa which I use as a planner. The pages are so difficult to turn over the large "hump" of the rings, all functionality and ease are gone from the notebook. (I ordered black, not the problematic silver.) In addition, the notebook looks utterly ridiculous with the enormous rings protruding from the side. VERY disappointing given the large price tag of Levenger items. May 5, 2008
No 'Slipped' Discs here These extra-large discs allow me to archive important papers in bulk and give expanded projects their own binder. March 7, 2008
Black YES, Silver NO I purchased the silver 1 1/2" rings first and was thoroughly perplexed at the difficulty in turning the pages.I checked everything, to no avail. I have come to realize after purchasing the black rings in the same size that the two are made with different finishes. The silver has a slight tooth to it that can bring successful organizational skills to an abrupt halt. I do not know if this applies to silver in the other sizes, and I'm too gun shy to try any other silver ones. December 23, 2007
Papers don't glide The silver rings are so pretty, but have been completely frustrated. I don't know if it's the size of the rings, the shape of the lip, or the texture of the silver, but the pages don't glide as well as the smallest black rings. My pages want to bend and pop out. I'm going one size down to see if it works better. November 24, 2007
I wish I'd known earlier! After I purchased the Agenda & Monthly Tabs, I had to purchase bigger rings, but was a little skeptical. I thought they wouldn't look as refined, and maybe not hold so many pages as well. But, I was wrong. While the rings are big, the look of the book has grown on my. And the pages - as long as you purchase the Levenger pages - stay in very well. I'm well pleased. Thank you! October 17, 2007
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