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Facets Fountain Pen (M)

Price: $99.00
Item: AP12540
A Levenger fountain pen that’s gently stirred and served with a twist
This expertly crafted Levenger fountain pen is designed to match the varying facets of the writer’s personality, and to stir inspiration in the mind and soul. Creative yet organized, elegant yet playful, beautiful yet functional, the Facets Fountain Pen has a deeply hued resin barrel that gleams with quiet gravitas, crafted with gently curving facets in an oscillating pattern. This beautifully appointed and lightweight fountain pen adds a rarefied air to everyday writing tasks. Only from Levenger.
  • Lightweight resin barrel
  • Shining chrome clip and appointments
  • Threaded cap
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • As with all Levenger fountain pens, there’s room to accommodate a spare cartridge in the barrel
  • Stainless steel nib made in Germany
  • 5 9/16L x 7/16 diameter; 0.8 oz
  • We offer fountain pen refills

A unique and lightweight ballpoint pen design, available exclusively from Levenger
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Facet Fountain Pen 4.4 5 7 7
Nice but... I loved this pen but it was sitting on a table three feet off the ground when it was knocked off and it fell on to hard wood floor and the top broke. For $99 would have expected it to be a little more sturdy. I understand that it is plastic but three feet?? I now only hope they sell the cap or the pen is shot and it is barely three months old. Disappointing. November 27, 2013
Smart pen, Smart price Sale price for a outstanding fountain pen. My extensive collection just grew. A bunch of lavenger fountain pens are as stunning as the higher end instruments I own. Writes well with excellent ink flow and a very comfortable balance in the hand. The color and the rich hue are extremely pleasing to the eye. The value is incomparable.have received great comments from friends and colleagues Thanks again and I am eagerly awaiting the nest special offer October 10, 2013
Oxblood Facets right on The finish of this pen is even more beautiful than I expected, with a very deep lustre and rich colour. The nib, the heft, and the ink flow are all excellent. Even my friends who are not fountain-pen-familiar found the pen easy to use. Great job! October 5, 2013
great pen I love the style and feel of the pen. It sits nicely in my hand and I can write for long periods. The only downside is it drys up after a day and it takes some prompting to get the ink flowing again. October 5, 2013
Twist of Fate This is a great value for a very interesting shape for a pen. The twisted shape not only is eye catching, but it fits your hand better. The nib is a bit stiff, but lays down a consistent and reliable line. The medium is a bit thick, which I like. It creates good readable letters in any style of writing. I print some labels, write notes in a modified Italic Hand. The line quality never skips. The tip is smooth on the paper. The color of the pen is even, and the fit of the cap is right on.The pen is bit larger in diameter than some, which eases hand fatigue. You may or may not want to post the cap while writing. Its pretty balanced either way. October 5, 2013
Guido's Opinion I bought this pen on sale for a measly $49.00. It's well worth the full price of $99.00. I like this pen a lot. I first noticed it has a very nice heft to it, a good weight and a good thickness in the hand. Comfortable. The coloration is great although it's a bit more brown and gold than red. Very pretty nevertheless. I ignored the warnings about cleaning the nib to get rid of factory oils and just put the ink cartridge in and started writing. It's a very good medium nib, not to thick or thin bust just what I would want. It puts down a good bold continuous line without skipping or undue effort. It writes very nicely and smoother than I would expect from a stainless steel nib. I write regularly with a $600 Waterman with a fine nib and a $650 Park Duofold Centennial with a slightly broader nib and this jewel compares favorably considering the price. It's a great everyday pen and one I can take out of the house without fear of losing it or damaging it, the biggest drawback to my Parker! I recommend it without reservation October 5, 2013
Beautiful, Original design, good function So this is Levenger's newest FP design, and it is commendable for both being lovely to look at and handled and being quite original - not an immediate derivative like many other mid-tier FP models out there. Quality is good but not "wowing": well made, light weight but substantial, thick and medium-large in size and seems sturdy. Metal fittings, nib section and threading seem accurate, there's no "play" in anything. Everything is tight and precision built. The sirface however is not perfectly finished. Close inspection reveals minor inconsistencies in the surface of the barrel section. Looks: Stunning. perhaps theis is the pen's strongest point. The deep plastic colors create a 3-D illusion of swirling forms, and the color is stunning deep red. Regal. The faceted swirling panels form a nicely flowing dynamic form that beyond great looks is comfortable to hold and handle. Nib and writing: the nib is a medium size (no other choices at the moment) steel nib. It lays a consistant line, wet, a bit thick for M some may say. There is little 'play" in terms of line dynamics, the nib is moderately responsive. In short: an original design beautiful pen that writes a thick M and is given to only moderate nib flex or play. Consistent performance can be expected. Looks stunning but has some minor imperfections that make it stop one step short of wonderful. April 12, 2013
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