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Facet Rollerball 4.9 5 17 17
A Great Grading Pen I purchased one of these pens about two years ago in Oxblood color to serve as my grading pen. It has a nice weight to it, writes well, and looks awesome. I like it so much I got my wife the fountain pen version. A few days ago, my pen had a mishap: the cap fell on the floor and broke. I called Levenger Customer Service to ask if I could purchase a new cap in any color. Instead, they are sending me an entirely new pen free of charge! :) The one snag is that they don't carry Oxblood any more, so I'm getting purple instead. This is the latest in a long line of examples of why I love this company! Keep up the great work, guys! April 17, 2015
Pleased with the pen I purchased the Midnight Blue color because it was on sale and I have been thoroughly pleased with it so far. This was the very first Levenger pen I have purchased and now it will NOT be the last! Until now, I have purchased pens mainly from AT Cross, including pens that cost 50% to 100% more than this pen...and now those pens are in my desk drawer and this is the pen I use exclusively every day. It does write very smoothly and I like the rollerball medium (0.7mm) size. I purchased some rollerball refills, but since this was the first time, I made the mistake of buying 0.5mm. I will give them a try but fear that the line will be too narrow for my liking...but overall, I think the refills are super and much better / longer lasting than the rollerball refills for Cross, G2 Pilots or even Mont Blanc. July 17, 2014
Stylish Office Pen I have recently started to expand my pen collection. The color is elegant but equally important is the functionality of the product. I elected the med tip roller ball cartridge and it is perfect for signatures (which my job requires a lot of) and personal notes. Although the pen is thick in structural design, I find it to be comfortable to work with. June 20, 2014
A special treat for me I bought this pen as a special gift for myself. It is heavy to hold but writes very smoothly. It came with the medium tip ink but once I ordered the fine tip, I like this pen more. June 16, 2014
Beautiful and awesome I bought the Oxblood Facets Rollerball and absolutely love it! It feels great in the hand, and writes smoothly. It is beautiful to look at, and has a good weight. A complete joy to write with! My biggest problem now is deciding which Levenger pen to write with, this one or my True Writer Fountain pen! March 20, 2014
Oxblood Facets Rollerball Pen I bought the Oxblood Facets Rollerball pen for myself not sure if I would like the larger pen size. I found I really like it - I use it at my dental office -I especially like the fact that it doesn't roll off the counter and it fits nicely in my small hand. I would definitely suggest a friend purchase the pen. It writes very smoothly and with sufficient ink. March 15, 2014
Oxblood Facets Rollerball & Circa I recently purchased the Facets Rollerball pen along with a Circa Jr notebook; I am truly impressed and pleased with both. The Oxblood Facets pen is impressive just to look to look at! It has an elegant feel in the hand and is very smooth to use in writing. The Circa Jr with its included annotation ruled paper provide a convenient and very attractive place to use the Facets Rollerball for jotting down short, memory-jogging notes as well as for recording longer longer pieces about ideas, impressions, or descriptions. I highly recommend both of these Levenger products. January 11, 2014
Levenger Quality Very impressed with Levenger quality pens. I recently purchased the Facet rollerball and balance and just good overall feel is impressive. I'm quite impressed with this pen and other products from Levenger! January 6, 2014
Beautiful & functional I got this pen in the midnight blue. It is very pretty but also fits very comfortably in my hand. The ink flows very smoothly. December 29, 2013
Beautiful craftmanship I received this pen for a christmas present from my daughter. She knows my love of fine pens. Indeed, it is a fine pen. The pen is in Oxblood. STUNNING! color. Fits wonderfully in my hand. The rollerball ink flows amazingly. You will not be disappointed in this magnificent writing instrument December 26, 2013
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