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Kyoto Circa Discs, 1 1/2 inch (Set of 11)

Price: $29.00
Item: ADS3925
Circa discs: "Bling" for your Circa notebook
For a finishing touch to your Circa notebook, choose our new Circa discs in a beautiful Kyoto resin with touches of turquoise, lavender, espresso and caramel. These unique Circa discs are ideal for use with our Circa Leather Foldover Notebooks (available separately).
  • Set of 11 discs, enough for 1 letter-size notebook, or 1 junior plus 1 Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebook
  • 1 1/2 inches, holding up to 200 pages
Kyoto Circa Discs 1 12 set of 11 4.3 5 11 11
Kyoto Haiku 2 Like koi in a pond Eleven perfect circles My life is complete. April 18, 2010
kyoto haiku lovely jewel-toned rings no messy freyed paper edge i am productive April 15, 2010
Kyoto large discs The larger size Kyoto Circa discs are not only great looking but very functional and add a dash of classiness to my Circa notebooks. People ask about my Levenger notebooks all the time - always a complement! I use the Kyoto discs almost exclusively with the Bomber Jacket notebooks I use - Keep making them!! November 2, 2013
Rich and elegant color I've wanted these and the Kyoto fountain pen for a long time, and finally picked them up "from my husband" for my birthday. I use them with the steel blue Circa cloth covers. It draws out the blue in the discs quite nicely. Blue and brown...very earthy and rather lovely, I think. July 6, 2013
Beautiful Addition to my Circa The Kyoto discs are gorgeous! I was initially torn between the Kyoto and Tortoise Shell discs, but decided to go with the Kyoto and I'm so glad I did! The color mix is really well done and there is just enough scintillation to make them attractive and noticeable, yet not flashy. My only issue is that I ordered the 1.5" set and they are really too big for my needs. They will be going back to exchange for a 1" set. In the mean time, it will be hard to go back to regular discs because these are just so beautiful. December 11, 2012
Functional and Stylish I have 2 sets of the Kyoto disks, one for my bison leather notebook and one for the black/gold woven foldover notebook. I have also used the standard black plastic discs and the aluminum discs for archiving. For smoothness of function, nothing beats the aluminum discs. I've been lucky, in that both my Kyoto sets don't suffer from the problems described by 2 other users -- the paper glides nicely, whether open flat on a desk or used with the cover folder over. Certainly, I'm not concerned about the paper fraying or the cover extension being damaged. If you can feel a problem with the finish, I'd call Levenger's legendary Customer Service and see if they can replace or exchange your discs. For style, the Kyoto can't be beat. I haven't used a Kyoto larger than 1", so size may be an issue; but the aluminum discs are the biggest available (1.5") and smooth as silk. June 1, 2011
Disappointed I was SO excited when I finally broke down and spent the extra money to order these discs, then so disappointed when they arrived. I bought them along with the bomber jacket (which I LOVE) and they just don't work for me. The discs don't allow the paper or the folder to glide smoothly, which makes it a real pain to use and it feels like eventually it might cause the plastic tabs on the cover to break. Perhaps it's because of the matt finish on the discs. The matt finish in the center also takes away from the beauty of the colors of the discs. Sad. I tried them out for a day and then switched right back to the black glossy discs. Love Levenger products, just not these. January 22, 2011
KYOTO These disks are very pretty. I purchased them to use with my black cover just to add a little color. My cover does not glide over them as easily as I had hoped however the style makes up for it. December 21, 2010
Beautiful The Kyoto discs are beautiful. I wish they were a bit heavier but love them just the same. September 3, 2010
Not quite as great as expected but very good I think all of these little poems about the Kyoto discs had me thinking they were going to be spectacular. Overall, I like them. I'm still just shocked that I spent $22 on little plastic discs. I thought they were going to have more of a tortoise shell with iridescence quality to them, but they're really just little bits of colored plastics. There are some mother of pearl bits in there but not as many as expected. I do think they are much nicer looking than the normal black plastic discs, so I am still happy. I definitely like the way they look with the black leather covers. Manage your expectations, and you'll be happy too. In terms of size, I got the 1.5" to go with my leather cover for my "everyday life" notebook (agenda, address book, misc. necessities). The rings are definitely really big, but I don't think the 1" would hold enough pages with the thick cover. The bigger the discs get, the more they stick out from the side (obviously). Just the nature of the system I guess. July 6, 2010
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