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LTech Plus Rollerball with Stylus 4.3 5 41 41
Overall Happy I have to confess I bought this Rollerball on a whim to complement the iPad carrier but I don't regret it. It is heavy in the hand but the rollerball is superb. The stylus isn't ideal for my phone but works nicely on the iPad. My huge disappointment was the quality of the engraving. I had my name (only three letters) added and I was hard pushed to find it, the letters are so small and barely scratch the surface (literally). I fear they will rub off if I'm not careful. I wouldn't spend the money for that service again but I'm very happy with the pen. August 23, 2014
Extremely pleased I was happy to find this product on sale as had been looking for the stylus-rollerball combo. I am more pleased with the pen upon receiving it. Perfect balance and weight for writing for me anyway. The refills produce a solid line with ease, no skips or blots. I found that the cap did not quite align with the pen body when screwed on tightly. Not by any means a deal breaker at all. Rubber Stylus is perfect for my use on a IPhone. Does not stick at all. I was hoping for a cloth alternative but not really needed. August 8, 2014
These are the coolest looking pens I have. Solid feel and obviously well constructed. I purchased the rollerball and absolutely love how it writes. Bought then for its looks but it writes better than most rollerballs out there. The stylus point works great. A little on the heavy side for extended note taking. Can't wait to get the ballpoint as this may be more comfortable for long sessions of note taking. August 8, 2014
L tech Roller Ball w stylus Great "hand" for me, smooth roller ball , screw off top requires getting used to Like to use stylus with the my I phone as its made my typing accuracy much better July 26, 2014
Just what I wanted The pen is just as it is described. The writing flows easily. I love the computer stylus. I am encouraged to write more personal notes with this pen. July 24, 2014
A Good Pen - Mediocre Durability I have the "stealth" version of this pen. It feels great and is very functional. My only complaint is that the black finish wears off leaving the barrel very exposed on each of the edges. The result is a pretty unsightly writing instrument. Accordingly, I give this high marks for function and low marks for durability. July 22, 2014
I want desperately to love this writing instrument I have been eyeing a Levenger writing instrument for over 20 years, and I have had many pens since. I finally decided to get the L Tech Rollerball with the stylus. It is stunning. It I solid. It is big. It is fat. And I cannot understand for the life of me the whole argument about how heavy it is, big, fat, etc. It is literally balanced and just short of perfect. However, I do have an issue and it is not part of any description about the pen. There seems to be a spring like action with the refill when writing. The tip, if you are a hard writer that presses down on the pen, goes up and down. It almost feels somewhat abrasive when I am writing and if I press to hard down on the pen when I take it to paper. I would have personally preferred that it have no spring at all. Why couldn't it be made to just simply stay in place and not go in and out of the barrel the way it does? If it were not for the aforementioned, this pen would be a steal at $45. It is made of excellent material, beautifully crafted, the stylus is the best I have ever used, the cap closes and lines up with the barrel perfectly, and when you place the cap on the pen to write, the weight is perfect and the caps stays on super tight. Also, the knurled part on the base of the pen when holding it to write is fantastic. No slippage whatsoever. I am going to try to keep working with getting used to writing with it because, frankly, I LOVE THIS PEN MINUS THAT RIDICULOUS, ABRASIVE, BOUNCY FEEL IT HAS AT THE TIP OF THE PEN WHEN WRITING. I hope that Levenger makes a rollerball that SIMPLY STAYS IN PLACE AND DOES NOT MOVE UP AND DOWN. July 17, 2014
Hefty Product Product is very hefty. You know you have a solid writing instrument in your hand. This is not good for someone with a small hand. Rollerball works great and the stylus is very functional. My only fault with this pen is that it takes 2 hands to take off the screw off cover and place it somewhere, back, table, to use the pen. July 17, 2014
Great combination for tech and paper I now have both the rollerball and fountain pen version of this instrument and love them both. They are balance with or without the cap. The rollerball writes smoothly and the stylus does not drag on the surface of my cell phone. Might not be a good fit with really small hands, but otherwise a great writing instrument. I got them both at special prices, but they are worth full price for their quality. July 10, 2014
Nice pen, but... All in all a good value. The stylus tip drags a bit on both my Nook and my touchscreen HP laptop. The only disappointing thing is that the black paint started wearing off on the corners quite quickly - a month or so - and the brass started showing through. A little more robust finish would have been nice. Other than that, it does its job well. June 21, 2014
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