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Parker Sonnet Cisele Ballpoint 5 5 2 2
Love My Pen! The pen looks good, feels good in the hand, and writes good on paper. January 13, 2012
Parker Cisele BP Normally I'm a fountain pen guy. And I have a few in my collection that are noteworthy. But this ball point pen, at least this particular style has stuck with me for years. Back in my high school days I would strike out for the highway on foot and hitch-hike to a town about 35 miles south to just hang around on the university campus, eventually the one I graduated from. My mom would drive me back home as she worked in this college town and commuted daily. So, here I am on the side of the road with my thumb out and I look down and find this pen. Essentially undamaged. Perfectly functional. It was this pen. Except at that time (early seventies when I found it) it clicked to deploy rather than turned. But that pen stayed with me all through college (I was on the six-year plan). Then, one day I couldn't find it. It's been gone since. And I have missed it. So I couldn't wait to get enough $$ to replace it. This is, by far, one the best pens I own now, and even though it's not a fountain pen, the balance and flow and feel are superb. Hard to go wrong with a Parker pen. April 4, 2011
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