True Writer® Silver Anniversary Fountain Pen (F,M,B)
  • True Writer® Silver Anniversary Fountain Pen (F,M,B)
  • True Writer® Silver Anniversary Fountain Pen (F,M,B)
  • True Writer® Silver Anniversary Fountain Pen (F,M,B)
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True Writer® Silver Anniversary Fountain Pen (F,M,B)

Price: $99.00 Now $79.00 Save 20%
Item: AP9950
Created to commemorate the silver anniversary of Levenger, this True Writer fountain pen is a study in metallic radiance, with the trademark design, weight and balance that have kept True Writer a much-loved writing brand. Since we introduced our first True Writer in the late 1990s, this Levenger pen has been a favorite among our customers. Echoes of the old Esterbrook that helped to inspire it are in its genes, but what really makes the True Writer such a wonderful pen is that it transforms a fine writing instrument into an everyday tool. As nice as a True Writer pen is for marking special occasions, this pen is also great for taking notes, making edits and writing letters. Steve Leveen, the co-founder of Levenger, does all three with his various True Writer pens and modes. Why be disposable when you can be sustainable for such a reasonable price? This is a fountain pen you may well enjoy using for the next 25 years.
  • Crafted in solid brass with a gleaming gunmetal finish, etched with an elegant undulating pattern
  • Contrasting chrome appointments
  • Stainless steel nib made in Germany
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • Barrel can accommodate a spare cartridge
  • Threaded cap
  • 5 1/2L x 1/2 diameter; 1.07 oz
  • We offer fountain pen cartridges
  • We also recommend our bottled inks
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True Writer Silver Anniversary Fountain Pen 4.6 5 5 5
Very Good Pen I own several True Writers, and this is one of my favorities. It's a bit more substantial than the usual resin pens, yet still has good balance and doesn't cause hand fatigue like some heavier pens can. Some reviewers have mentioned some occassional challenges with ink flow and skipping with the True Writers, and I, too, have experience this; however, I have discovered a quick trick that has solved the problem for with all my pens. Before first use, or after a period of prolonged non-use, I attach the converter to the pen, sink the full nib into a glass of tepid water, then draw in and release water through the nib with the converter. Once done, expell all the water and proceen to immediately add bottled ink or cartridge. Good luck! April 19, 2013
Love it! I have a number of True Writer pens and i have to say that this is my very Favorite...right from the beginning. I love the way it looks and feels when i write with it. I also love the balance of it in my hand.. April 17, 2013
still a disappointment Every time I buy a True Writer, they disappoint me. They start out well, but after the 1st fill, theu skip, won't start, clog, etc. I've been using pens for over 15 years, so it's not user error. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband, also a fountain pen collector & user. Same thing - great the 1st time out of the box, but now it won't start. skips, and is just a miserable experience. The pen itself is gorgeous, and a nice size, nice quality as far as workmanship goes. But if a pen won't write, there is no point.... January 20, 2013
My First Best Fountain Pen I've always admired the fountain pen, but I never could find one within my budget that really worked. Well, I decided that it was just time to put out the cash because you do get what you pay for. I fell in love with this wonderful pen when I saw it in the catalogue, and I love it more now having used it for two weeks. The fine nib was perfect, and so I have rehabbing myself from a bad car accident with this pen, and it's doing wonders! Never thought a fountain pen could help me with my occupational therapy. However, I will get a few more -- saves on messing around with ink cartridges. July 10, 2012
Love fountain pens I've always loved writing with fountain pens. Some time ago, my wife purchased an expensive pen (one of the top brands) which worked well for two or three years, then began to leak, a bad habit for a fountain pen. The pen I purchased from Levenger is just outstanding. I'm enjoying writing by hand again. June 18, 2012
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