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Visconti Rembrandt Eco Roller Pen 4.5 5 8 8
Gorgeous I just bought the red one for a "Santa" gift for myself! It is gorgeous and I want the white one really bad! Am looking forward to unwrapping it and using it! I have a True Writer display case and looks like I am going to need another one real soon as I keep getting beautiful pens from Levenger! November 9, 2013
Elegant and Functional I bought this pen for two reasons: (1) It's beautiful and the red hues in this pen make this a must for any collection; (2) I was intrigued by the eco-roller pen and never tried one previously. I'm pleased for three reasons: (a) it writes well and the ink glides like a fountain pen but it's easier to write with; (b) it easily accepts ink cartridges; and (c) you have more access to different colors than traditional refills associated with fountain pens. All in all a great buy! September 10, 2013
My favorite rollerball pen This is my only 5x5* review. I bought two of these pens over a year ago and use them daily. (I like them so much that I bought a third one to keep with my journal.) Their only downside is that the tip is not as fine as I like, but that has not stopped me from laying down miles of ink with them. My pens live on a diet of Levenger inks and write as smoothly now as the day I received them. It is wonderful to use to the same colorful inks from my fountain pens in a sturdy rollerball format. I hope Visconti will continue this style pen - refilling the cartridge makes so much more sense. I don't know why another reviewer had problems - mine have survived daily use and normal abuse but remain intact and a joy to use They do not leak, do not dry out, and do not mysteriously skip like many of my fountain pens. I can even make out duplicate cheques with them, an impossibility for a fountain pen. May 9, 2013
Loved it at first... I've owned my purple Visconti Rembrandt Eco Roller for about two years now. From the beginning it has proved extremely functional and stylish. The downsides, unfortunately, weigh it down to the point where I cannot recommend it to others. The clasp strength is not sufficient for the weight of the pen. Several times I have simply bent over to tie my shoes or pick something up, only to have the pen slide out of my pocket and hit the ground. Those incidents have, over time, taken a significant toll on the pen. While it still writes well (the cap covers the writing mechanism so it has never been negatively impacted), it is beginning to look quite ragged. The magnetic pen top is no longer attached as the glue that once kept the magnet in place disappeared several months ago. Last week, when the pen came out of my pocket yet again, the bottom trim (a metal "button") was lost as well. If this were a no-name pen, I would attribute the failings to be expected. When one pays about $150 for a pen, I expect much more in terms of durability. I gave another Rembrandt as a gift several months ago - I hope that it wears better for its recipient than my own. Otherwise I may be branded as a poor gift chooser! Hopefully their more expensive pens don't suffer the same fate! September 4, 2012
GREAT PEN Great Pen, only issue I have is that the little tab on the top feel off. Athough Levenger did replace it, which is why I love shopping here they stand by the products they sell. It writes great, easy to refill and takes the temporary pen refills from my other pens. All in all the best pen I have ever had October 26, 2011
My All-Time Favorite Pen! I am an engineer and College professor. I like to write with fountain pens, however, I press down rather hard when I write - I always print, except for my signature. So I'm always hard on the fountain pen nib. This pen gives me the BEST of both worlds: I can print hard with fountain pen smoothness and fountain pen ink. I'm lonvin' it! Also, you get two nibs: broad and fine. I value most the smoothnes of writing. August 24, 2011
A great pen I bought one of these sight unseen and I am not disappointed. The only thing that is tricky is the refilling part, but otherwise it is a great pen if you remember to keep your finger back of the point or it bleeds on you. All the joy of a fountain pen without the danger of splitting the nib. And if you use a special ink, now all your pens can use the same ink. May 20, 2011
Outstanding product I received the new pen last week and immediately it has become my favorite. Craftsmanship is excellent and the variety of bottled ink or ink cartridges gives lots of great options. April 16, 2011
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