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Levenger Ink Cartridges Standard Sixpack 5 5 9 9
Great Ink I need to say this. I have been using and trying exotic inks for a long time as I search for the perfect blue. No matter where I go and what I try, Levenger ink is wonderful. The color is deep and rich and wet and I always go back to Levenger. My thanks to you for making this great ink. April 30, 2015
Levenger Ink Cartridges The six pack of ink cartridges is a great option for your fountain pens. The colors are vibrant and you have plenty of options. It is great to be able to change out your ink color at any point in time. It has been many years since I have used a fountain pen and I have two from Levenger and just ordered a third! This is a great deal and I would recommend purchasing if you are using a fountain pen! December 4, 2014
Great ink! I love these colors - they are as vibrant as the bottled ink that I buy from Levengers. Easily snaps into the top of the pen and flows so smoothly that writing is effortless. Since I am left handed, I appreciate the quick dry effect of this ink - will definitely keep these in stock. October 30, 2014
Love the colours Writing with a quality fountain pen is one of the little joys in life, but the limited ink colors can dampen one's enthusiasm. Not only is the cartridge quality equal to their bottled inks, the color selection is wonderful. I like to keep my favourite colours on hand in cartridges since airline travel tends to mess with fountain pens. My only complaint is that the cartridges seem to dry up more quickly than the bottled ink... frustrating when I need to sign papers and find my pen dry! (At least Levenger pens store backups.) August 21, 2014
Good Selection This is a nice selection of colors. I wanted to try the ink out before I committed to a supply of one color. May 25, 2014
Simply the Best I have been using fountain pens for over 40 years and find the inks from Levenger the best of any I have tried, and I have tried dozens of brands. The colours are true to the catalogue samples and flow smoothly, dry quickly and appear full and rich. I can't wait to make my annual online order, trying new colours each year. I like them all! Handwritten letters cannot become a thing of the past- keep the tradition alive with this fantastic collection of inks. December 30, 2013
Great ink / 6 pack a deal As expected, these cartridges are perfect for my Levenger pens and the ink flows and lays down beautifully. The make-your-own six pack is a bargain. November 17, 2013
The best ink for the best fountain pens I wish everyone could have the experience of writing with a True Writer fountain pen. I fear that pens--even handwriting itself, are becoming obsolete. It's such a shame. I've had many fountain pens over the years, but only the True Writer never clogs, never skips, and is always beautiful. I don't know whether it's the pen or the ink or both, but I simply can't say enough great things. Plus, when I ordered this pack, I noticed I was missing the box of red cartridges. I thought there wasn't anything I could do (not worth sending back the whole order), when Levenger's customer service contacted me about how pleased I was with the purchase. All I did was replay that I was disappointed about the missing box. The replacement arrived even before I had a chance to check my e-mail for a response! There's service, and then there's SERVICE. I simply cannot recommend Levenger highly enough. Thanks! October 31, 2013
Fountain pin Looks good andworks even better.Who could ask for more. October 20, 2011
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