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Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pen Gift Set 4.7 5 11 11
Comic Book Pens I purchased this for my 8 year old son to work on comic book drawings. He loves the colors and the smoothness of the gel ink. The eraser function provides an additional and much needed tool for him. As for the leather pouch, I use that in my briefbag to hold small items and keep everything neat and clean when I go to court. All-in-all it has been a great gift for the both of us. June 23, 2014
Excellent product I love gel pens and have been using them for years. So I was very happy to see this set in your catalog and to learn they were erasable. As soon as they arrived I tried them immediately and was pleased with the quality of the ink and even more so that they erased beautifully. The added bonus was the great leather case. Thank you again for another quality product. March 29, 2014
Great for sewing projects I use these pens for my sewing and quilting projects. They write as easily on fabric as on paper and since the ink is heat sensitive, marks disappear when ironed. I have not tried the light colors on dark fabric. March 28, 2014
Great Colors and useful Love the colors that these pens have. Bright and readable. Great for making list and color coding. I use them everyday with my planner. March 5, 2014
Favorite Pens I love the Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Ink pens and this is coming from a pen connoisseur with very discerning taste! The other brands of erasable ink pens that I have purchased quickly found themselves tossed in my garbage can - to the point that I hesitated to try again. But I am glad I did. The Pilot Frixion pens are smooth with bold colors. The ink erases completely without leaving smudges or ink marks. I doodle just to play with them! March 3, 2014
Great Pens Fun!Fun!Fun! These pens are a great value if you like writing with colored pens. They write super smooth and I love the pouch. In the days of textting everything, these pens make it fun to doodle and write. March 1, 2014
The case & colors make this Have been using Frixon pens for a while. Love the fact that I can erase comments on papers I am grading, in books, etc. Why this particular set is great is that you cannot find this range of colors anywhere else, and the leather case adds class. February 22, 2014
Frixon Gel Pens with erasable ink The quality of these pens is excellent. The feel of the pen in your hand is very solid. The pens have a cap that open and close very tightly. They are attractive and the ink flows on paper extremely well. The ink erases completely. My only issue is that the lighter colors (orange, light green) seem a little too translucent. The darker colors are very easy to see on paper. I would definitely recommend these pens to a friend. February 1, 2014
Pilot-Frixion-Erasable-Gel-Pen-Gift-Set Pleasantly surprised to see the Vibrant Colors of the pens. The functionality is great, considering most of us make mistakes while writing in pen, then we have to get out White Out or some fascimile, so the erasable part of pen is terrific. The case they come in is very professional-looking with functionality of smaller case to insert in mid-size purse, and with the initials of the Owner - One knows Hands Off of Pens! October 26, 2013
Great pens, but be careful the ink disappears. I really like the vivid colors of the pens, and it is nice that they can be erased for corrections, however, I wish I knew and had seen the review about being heat sensitive before using. I pulled out my to do list this morning and the ink had disappeared on half of the page. I assume it was because I had placed my brief case in my trunk when attending an offsite meeting last night. I am now unable to complete my task and have to ask my supervisor to write down her direction again. This is very frustrating for I should have already completed the task. This was very unexpected. September 11, 2013
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