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Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

Price: $175.00
Item: AP9920
The Vanishing Point, in a radiant spectrum of colors
Thinking outside the box and turning it upside-down, the point of the Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen is placed on the same end as the clip--so when it's fastened inside a pocket, the ink simply has no chance of leaking, because it's facing upward--even if you happen to be aloft in an airplane! The Metallics collection is inspired by color, contrast and modern design.
  • Iridescent metallic brass barrel in Mountain Blue, Valley Green, Tropical Purple, Copper Red or Desert Orange
  • Click-top mechanism retracts the nib--a revolutionary fountain pen innovation
  • 18k gold nib, expertly finished with black ion coating
  • Hidden trapdoor prevents nib from drying out
  • Includes a cartridge of blue ink and a Pilot twist converter
  • 5 9/16L x 1/2 diameter; 1.09 oz
  • We offer Pilot ink refills
  • We also recommend Levenger bottled ink 
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Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point Fntn Pen 4.5 5 2 2
The Best Fountain Pen I've Ever Owned I have a lot of fountain pens, many that I have bought from Levengers. This is, hands down, absolutely the best! Where do I start? I love the way it writes - very smooth and easy to write with. I love the way you don't need a cap and it just closes up like a ball point. It is so well-balanced in your hand, you can write for hours. And hey! It's beautiful too! This is the only pen I use now. I can't praise it enough. August 12, 2015
Very Nice Pen Except that it arrived broken... Actually, it was the converter that was busted in pieces. It was installed in the pen when I got it. I called Levenger and they are sending me a new one - hope it is less cheesy than the first one. So I can only use the pen with cartridges and I usually use bottled ink. It seems to work well with the cartridge that came with it. It writes smoothly and has a nice feel. The ink flow is good - some pens you can barely get any flow going, but this pen is quite adequate. I am wondering how good the quality is for what is an expensive pen, given it arrived broken. I am waiting to see if it will last, given all the moving parts. However, the convenience of the "ball-point-type" mechanism is very good. No more caps falling off. August 28, 2014
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