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Levenger Rollerball Refill Sampler

Price: $22.00
Item: PR1390
An assortment of pen refills for your rollerball
At Levenger, we're not content to simply offer you fine-looking pens. We think about pens from the inside out, starting with how the pen writes, then how it feels in your hand, and finally, how it looks. We want to outfit you with the right refills and pens for the many ways you write. Our rollerball refills have a smooth, liquid ink with deep color. Our fiber tip refills offer a different yet satisfying feel, especially in our extra-fine and broad points. (The broad point is preferred by many authors for signing books.) Fiber tip refills also dry quickly, so they're ideal for sketching and for left-handed writers. With our Rollerball Sampler Pack, you can try the various styles and point sizes for yourself.
  • 1 Extra-Fine (0.8 mm) Fiber Tip Refill in black with a write-out of 2,624 ft.
  • 1 Medium (1.0 mm) Fiber Tip Refill in black with a write-out of 1,640 ft.
  • 1 Broad (2.0 mm) Fiber Tip Refill in black with a write-out of 1,968 ft.
  • 1 Extra-Fine (0.5 mm) Rollerball Refill in black with a write-out of 5,249 ft.
  • 1 Fine (0.6 mm) Rollerball Refill in black with a write-out of 3,937 ft.
  • 1 Medium (0.7 mm) Rollerball Refill in black with a write-out of 3,280 ft.
  • Made in Germany
Rollerball Refill Sampler Pack 4 5 5 5
Great for Deciding Because I was not sure which style I would be most comfortable using, I ordered the sampler pack of refills. I am very pleased with that decision! I rated this lower for value because I don't believe that I will use all of the different styles; I foresee only using 2-3 of the 6. June 26, 2014
Good sample Was looking for better quality refills for some pens I have and this sampler helped me find which ones fit. The quality is much better than the refills that I had been getting elsewhere and love the no shipping charges. February 1, 2014
Beware: Does not fit old True Writers! While this is a good product, it does not fit the older True Writers. It looks identical, but the fact is, it does not insert properly through the tip of the pen and actually gets stuck! If your True Writer is old, do not order this combo pack. If in doubt always call Levenger customer service who can recommend the right refills. They are very helpful. Massive thanks to Levenger customer service who very sweetly are sending me something that does work and a pre-paid return label for the refills that don't. Thanks so much!!!! August 31, 2012
More pens After trying out different refills, I need to buy more pens so I can have all these different kinds available for immediate use! April 9, 2009
Good sample - Good value Picked up this sampler to go with the True Writer Metalist pen to get a better idea of which tips I liked best. Unlike the other review, all refills fit the pen just fine. Nice collection of refills, and helpful in determining which tip style works best. I would highly recommend this to go with a rollerball pen purchase. April 8, 2008
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