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Chesterton Espresso Convertible Rollerball 4.3 5 12 12
Unusual but nice Filling a rollerball is odd, and to start the ink flow takes a strong squeeze, but after that the pen performs flawlessly. I will watch for more designs with this convertible function. April 22, 2013
CHESTERTON Espresso Convertible RB-Recommended I collect and write with fountain pens exclusively. I purchased the Chesterton Espresso Convertible Rollerball mostly on a whim because Levenger sent an email that they were having a sale. I was pleasantly surprised! The pen is well made and solid and the acrylic material is very attractive. I filled the convertor with my favorite ink and was really impressed with how the pen wrote. The line was even and laid down very smoothly. On close inspection, it's hard to tell that what you just wrote was actually written with a rollerball and not a medium point fountain pen. I read about the problems other reviewers had with this pen, but can't say that I had any of those issues. Of course I won't ever give up fountain pens, but for those who have difficulty with fountain pens and want a quality pen that's reasonably priced and looks as if you wrote with a fountain pen, then the Chesterton Convertible Rollerball is worth the purchase. April 2, 2013
Please make this in more colors!! I LOVE this pen! The finish is absolutely gorgeous and it writes like a dream. I have had no problems with the pen writing and I have left it at home unused multiple times while traveling with no issues when I returned. (even for 6 weeks when my son misplaced it) I love being able to use my fun, colored fountain pen inks. My only regret is that it is not made in multiple finishes. I would love to have multiple pens loaded with different colored inks. (are you listening. Levenger?) March 25, 2013
Thought it was just me I was pleasantly surprised at the rich tones of this pen. The ink included with it made writing just so smooth.....and then....I didn't use it for awhile (? 2 months or so). I loaded it with a Levenger Cardinal Red cartridge to write up my Christmas cards...NO Dice. I took the cartridge out, re-rinsed the pen, STILL nothing. Please advise how to rectify now & prevent in the future. December 24, 2012
A great idea gone wrong This pen is beautiful. I bought one from Levenger outlet because I wasn't sure how it would work, and the investment was smaller. The pen arrived and didn't write at all. Levenger sent a replacement tip, which worked beautifully, until I put the pen down for a week. When I put it down, same problem: it wouldn't write at all, no matter how much I squeezed the cartridge and no matter what I did. Levenger agreed to take it back for a refund. I'm really sorry it didn't work, but I would advise against buying one. December 22, 2012
Great Pen I purchased the convertible roller ball after reading a review left on the regular roller ball product page. The pen has great heft and writes smooth. I have the pen in my circa notebook, and unlike other reviews I did not find that there is any problem with the ink. All in all, my favorite pen. December 3, 2012
"Something Wonderful" I'm an artist with an affinity for good writing implements. I have been looking for "The Pen" for quite a while. What peaked my interest was that this rollerball used a fountain ink cartridge, and I love my rollerballs. Right out of the box this pen is beautiful and classy looking. It really makes a statement. I stuck a cartridge in and gave it a little twist and squeeze and it wrote perfectly. I love the smoothness of the pen, it's weight. And I just discovered that I can put a spare cartridge in the barrel of the case should I run out of ink. And their is so many colors of ink cartridges for this pen. It also has an extra nib and an ink well cartridge should you want to use bottle ink. This is it! It was well worth the price. I would like to see more of these roller fountain type pens. November 8, 2012
Nice pen when it works When this pen works it is great. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the converter dried out and so did the nib. Now the pen won't write at all. Thank goodness there was a spare nib included to allow me to get back to writing with this pen. The heft and looks are great. October 27, 2012
Love this Pen!! Love the heft of it when writing. Feels just right in my hand. I also purchased the sample pack of ink. I am having fun experimenting with the different colors. I hope that Levenger will consider offering more patterns of convertible rollerballs so that I can differentiate my ink colors by the colors of the pen. August 18, 2012
1st convertible Bought the pen & was pleasantly surprised that it was actually prettier than I expected on arrival. However it took more than a week to get the ink flowing. I have been using it for the past several days at work & loving it.For May 19, 2012
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