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Parker 5th Mode PK IM in Deep Gunmetal

Price: $80.00
Item: AP12560
Try Parker’s 5th mode for another way to love writing
This made-for-today mode synthesizes the best of other pen modes for a write that’s disarmingly efficient and delightfully smooth and soft. The flexible tip adapts to your way of writing. And this tip is an extension of the replaceable cartridge: an all-in-one arrow in your quiver that’s effortlessly replaced. Fly high with 5th mode -- it’s impervious to changes in pressure in airline cabins. Drop it, and its forgiving nature won’t leak. Forget to cap it and it will write anyway, with never a smudge.
  • PK IM in Deep Gunmetal features chiseled plating with a stainless tip
  • 5 1/2L x 1/2 diameter; 1.08 oz
  • Brass barrel
  • Snap-on cap
  • We offer 5th mode refills
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Parker 5th Mode PK IM Premium CT Gunmetal 4 5 1 1
Brilliant Pen, But... Parker's execution of the Fifth Mode Pen series is nothing short of brilliant. The PK IM in Gunmetal is stunning, the finish is first class, but the function falls short of five stars, in that the Fifth Mode is little more than a fancy fiber-tip pen in a glamorous package. Even so, this pen would be a sure "keeper" but for the fact that the refills are expensive. It is interesting to note that the Fifth Mode refills appear to be made by the same company as Levenger's roller ball refills; the case size and markings are identical. However, where two roller ball refills cost $9.00, a single Fifth Mode refill costs $8.00. An internet search discloses that Levenger's price for the Fifth Mode refills cannot be bettered by anyone else. Therefore, I would recommend this pen to others, so long as they understand that its refills are somewhat pricey, and it is, in reality, a fiber-tip pen. February 9, 2013
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