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Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode Rubber Finish Large 5 5 1 1
Wonderful and expensive felt-tip pen There's some confusion around this "next generation" pen, which is poorly explained by Parker's marketing. It's a high-quality felt-tip with an innovative mounting for the tip. The refill fits under what looks like a fake fountain pen nib. But that nib is more than decorative. It makes you always orient the same side of the felt-tip to the paper, which causes the tip to quickly wear to a "personalized" angle. The result is a very smooth glide over the paper after the first few sentences. The oval wear pattern (particularly on the medium point) creates lines that are more expressive than an ordinary felt-tip or rollerball, although less expressive than a fountain pen. So you get very smooth writing in a handsome (and expensive) instrument, an expressive line, no ink smearing and no refill mess. August 21, 2012
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