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Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen 4.5 5 6 6
Outstanding Quality! I chose this pen as a reward for finishing my Ph.D. I have been an 'admirer from afar', never actually choosing a fountain pen. It arrived early this morning. With a squeal, I opened the box to find my purchase nicely packaged and my pen encased in a padded box! I've never had such a quality pen! The balance is amazing, the ink flow incredible, and the lovely magnetic cap is so easy. I was thrilled that after attaching the ink cartridge, I didn't have to prime the nib or have a huge inky mess (literally) on my hands,papers, or other things. All it took was a firm press of the cartridge to the nib, to screw in the nib to the barrel, and I was done. With a gentle rock back and forth, the ink flowed! The attention to engineering in this pen is simply incredible. I am so impressed, I've not been able to put the pen down all day. I chose this pen because the barrel doesn't have a screw-on cap to rub my fingers. The nib is also STEEL, not nickel, a metal I am allergic to. This feature allows me to write without discomfort. I chose the fine nib and found it a bit wide; between .07 and .09 width. I'm not complaining, it just seems a bit wide to me. I would love to see finer nibs and the ability to buy one nib at a time, rather than the set of four. This is truly the finest pen I've ever owned. I look forward to owning more of Levenger's fine pens. August 22, 2012
My new favorite To celebrate a promotion, I purchased the ivory Visconti Rembrandt. I have a Visconti roller ball (different model) and I wanted to try the fountain pen. It is wonderful. Writes well, very reliable, has enough heft but not too much, and is beautiful. Although the price might seem high, for a Visconti it is a very good value. May 9, 2015
Lovely pen. It is a handsome pen with unique color options. My fine nib is a little stiffer and broader than I usually like. But I grew rather accustomed to it after a while. The spring clip and magnetic cap are neat features. The styling is very fine and the build quality is solid. The pen size is medium/large. If you like a hefty, tough fen, with unique features, buy this one. If you like a finer instrument, you might prefer a Sailor 1911. May 8, 2013
Disappointed This pen is beautiful and I wanted to love it - but the fine nib writes like a medium and more important, I can't get the ink to start and continue flowing without constant priming. The magnetic cap is wonderful, though it would take time o get used to it. Sadly, will be returning. October 22, 2012
Great Pen I have several pens in my collection. This has been the best pen so far! It writes smooth as glass. It does not dry out like others. Highly Reccomend. April 11, 2011
Eloquently designed pen Eloquently crafted of smooth resin. Variated color shading gives it a unique look. Antique feel boasts from the engraved silver trim and signature appointment. Like writing on a cloud...ultra light and smooth ink flow. Love the magnetic cap closure. September 2, 2010
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