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Chesterton Espresso Convertible Rollerball

Price: $89.00
Item: AP9905
The rollerball pen that fills with bottled ink
Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and deft to the touch, our Chesterton Espresso Convertible Rollerball is designed to surprise the senses. And the Chesterton Convertible Rollerball writes as smoothly as a fountain pen — just fill with bottled ink, or use any fountain pen ink cartridge. The lusciously swirled Chesterton Convertible Rollerball boasts a deep espresso resin with the same distinctive pattern as the original design, and appointments plated in gleaming gold. This Chesterton roller pen is available exclusively from Levenger.

An Espresso that awakens your writing
Writing with this Chesterton is such a rewarding experience — like savoring the rich velvet jolt of the espresso drink. Careful, or the Chesterton Espresso could end up being just as habit-forming!

  • Threaded cap
  • Deep espresso resin in a delicately swirled pattern
  • Includes a cartridge, converter and extra roller tip
  • Each convertible roller tip lasts through approximately 30 cartridge refills
  • Use the converter with any bottled ink, and fill as you would a fountain pen
  • 5 1/2L x 5/8 diameter; 1.1 oz
  • We offer bottled ink and ink cartridges
  • We offer replacement tips

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Chesterton Espresso Convertible Rollerball 4 5 30 30
Beautiful with flaws The pen is gorgeous and warm. Ink flow has been consistently good. Two quality issues: 1) The roller ball has a scratchy feel when writing, as if the ball was not finished completely smooth. It feels a bit like a lower quality fountain pen nib. 2) The cap split when dropped on a table top from only about a foot up. Maybe it just caught an unfortunate angle, but I expect pens to be tougher than that. June 16, 2014
Gorgeous product, very high quality I purchased this pen for myself over 2 years ago and have since given them as gifts for every high school or college graduate I need a gift for. The pen itself is gorgeous. Using the ink cartridges is the perfect compromise between quality ink and ease of use. I have replaced the tips many times, once every six months approximately, and they are very reasonably priced. At one point, the clip broke. I contacted Levenger to ask about a repair and they sent me a brand new pen when I sent back the broken one. Levenger is a top rate company when it comes to customer service. I really don't like to buy high end office products from any other company. May 8, 2014
High quality, great style! I received the Chesterton convertible as a gift and I must say, it is the nicest pen I own. I have a number of high quality pens, but the attention to detail and the marble look of the Chesterton sets it apart from the rest. I now own three Levenger pens as well as a beautiful display case. Levenger is swiftly becoming my favorite place to purchase quality professional accessories! March 29, 2014
Ended in Tears I've loved the Pelikan and ink I've gotten from Levenger, and the Rotring my wife bought me and the mechanical pencil I bought her, so I was completely unprepared for my crushing experience with this pen! I loved the concept -- a refillable rollerball! -- and the look and weight. But within a few weeks, it started to take a lot of work to get going EVERY TIME I picked it up, even after just a few minutes. Then, a few days ago, a good half inch of the tip snapped completely off, leaving me with ink all over my hands and a very expensive pen in the garbage. March 21, 2014
Great Pen This has become my most favorite pen. It is easy to fill from a bottle once I got the hang of it. A little depth perception required to get the filler hole below the top of the ink. I use blue/black ink and it looks great. March 5, 2014
Levenger More Convertible Rollerballs Please! Levenger, I absolutely love this pen as I enjoy fountain quality ink with the ease and grace of a rollerball. This pen writes beautifully and the ink fluidly flows across paper. I love the eco-roller from Visconti and this pen easily compares at almost half the price point. The colorful expresso nature of this pen is also a nice touch! Levenger oh Levenger please make available to us this pen in a array of vibrant colors as I would buy them all! Can you accomodate this request? March 4, 2014
Awesome Pen This is a beautiful pen. I have two Tru Writers and now I have another beautiful pen to add to my collection. Love the feel and the way it writes. I have the convertible style and am enjoying it very much. Color is very rich. February 24, 2014
Beautiful to look at, but skips Maybe the cartridge of ink is the trouble, I haven't tried to use the convertery to fill from an ink bottle, but thought I should let you know this first disappointment . Heartbreaker. Gift from my wife. February 9, 2014
Perfect blend Took no time at all for this to become my favorite pen. I'm still a fountain pen aficionado but have found them increasingly difficult to incorporate into my work life (especially with air travel, which always seemed to wreak havoc on my fountain pens). I had just about resigned myself to gel pens when I discovered the Chesterton. Perfectly strikes a balance between the expressiveness of a fountain pen and the convenience of a rollerball or gel pen. I'd love to see this available in more styles. An addition to the L-Tech line, perhaps? January 30, 2014
The converter doesn't go in! I love this pen. Or, I want to love this pen. But the converter doesn't fit into the nib section. Neither does any other converter that I try. I suspect that the cartridge probably fits, but that's besides the point (so to speak!). The beauty of this pen and its functionality depend on the user's ability to fill it from a bottle, and at this precise moment, that is not possible. At least, not with my pen, and not with ink going all over the place because the seal is not tight. With deep regrets. January 14, 2014
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