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Pelikan Tradition M200 Fountain Pen 5 5 4 4
Lovely I have a healthy obsession with fountain pens-Pelikan pens are one of my favorites. Well balanced, easy to fill, with a beautiful nib-smooth writing (being left handed, this is not always the case) -love the translucent ink tank. Forest green Levenger ink-perfection. December 14, 2013
I love this pen I paid about $100. That's more than I have ever paid for a pen, but it was worth every cent. It is beautiful to look at and It feels perfect in the hand. I have a Levenger L-tech which is very large, very industrial. I like it for furious jottings but am always aware of it in my hand. The Pelikan is another experience. The barrel width, length, and weight is the best I have ever felt. I'm a six foot man with average hands, but I can't imagine a better pen for a woman's hands. I just bought my wife a very nice pen, a Truewriter Kyoto, but it is a little hefty. I would have bought her this Pelikan but I didn't think we should both have the same pen. I have rarely been more pleased with a purchase, which is the only reason I am writing this review. February 23, 2013
This fountain pen gets all the marks I purchased the Pelikan M200 fountain pen, and it has exceeded all of my expectations. The filling mechanism is easy to use with no mess; the fine nib puts down enough ink without bleeding through the paper, and the ink flows smoothly across the page. I gave it a 5 star rating in every category because it meets the criteria. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well priced fountain pen. November 27, 2012
Makes writing pure pleasure I collect and enjoy writing with a variety of fountain pens. I own pens by Parker, Mont Blanc, Shaeffer, Krone, and Waterman, to name a few. While the previously mentioned pens possess many fine qualities and expert craftsmanship, not one compares in overall superiority of design and performance to my favorite pen, the Pelikan M200. From the elegant green, black and gold design to the perfectly-balanced size, the M200 is an absolute pleasure to use. A clean, smooth piston-fill mechanism facilitates the use of various colors of ink. I have used several brands with my Pelikan fountain pens, including Pelikan's own brand, as well as Visconti, and Mont Blanc bottled inks. However, I have consistently found Levenger's bottled inks to be near-perfect both in viscosity and color-fastness.(this is not just a shameless plug...I have no connection to either Levenger or Pelikan!) I have always enjoyed the mystique and romance of fountain pens, but until purchasing the Pelikan M200 (and later an M400), I actually preferred using a rollerball for all but special letters and signatures. The first time I wrote with the Pelikan, however, it instantly became my go-to pen for everyday use. I am a writer, and often will forego the computer for a legal pad and my M200. The nib writes with an expressive smoothness that is better than any pen I have ever used. The nib provides a smooth and steady flow of ink with no skipping or leakage. I write effortlessly for hours, pausing only to enjoy the pleasure of watching the clear ink chamber fill with new words-to-be. To be fair, I will attempt to point out two possible negatives about the M200.I have relatively small hands, so someone who prefers a substantial, hefty pen such as a large Mont Blanc or a Parker Duofold might find the Pelikan lacking a certain gravitas. I, however, liken the Pelikan to a nimble gull-wing Mercedes and the Mont Blanc to an S-class limousine or a Rolls Royce. What the Pelikan lacks in brawn it makes up for in sheer performance and elegance. My only criticism of the design relates to the raised threads just superior to the nib where the cap screws on to the body of the pen when closed. After writing for an hour or more, the presence of the ridges can become noticeable and perhaps a little irritating, but the overall joy of using this pen makes one overlook this minor imperfection. Mechanically, my Pelikans have always performed flawlessly. Each is a superior instrument and well worth the price. In fact, I am currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 4th M200 purchased last week to replace the 3rd M200 I have given away to friends who were so impressed they didn't want to give it back.It has been a pleasure to introduce my friends to the joy of owning this pen. There are few possessions that I would bother to endorse or recommend, but I am obviously one of Pelikan's biggest fans. This pen makes writing a true pleasure, and I would recommend this pen to anyone looking for an economical, practical, and easy-to-use pen, whether you are new to fountain pens or own a vast collection. You'll find yourself making excuses to write letters just to be able to put this fantastic pen to use. May 9, 2012
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