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Waterford Celebration Fountain Pen

Price: $325.00
Item: AP9510
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Celebrate any occasion with this Waterford fountain pen
Known as the most prestigious crafters of crystal since 1783, Waterford applies equal delicacy and skill in designing fine writing instruments, executed with the same artistry and attention to detail. (Thus, the quality of every Waterford pen is crystal clear.) With its lustrous finish, gleaming platinum-plated appointments and crystal capstone, this fountain pen could be the jewel in the crown of your Waterford pen collection.
  • 14K gold, two-toned nib made in Germany
  • Waterford crystal capstone glitters in the crown
  • Includes a cartridge and converter
  • Threaded cap posts securely on the barrel
  • Platinum-plated, solid brass clip and appointments
  • Black resin barrel, polished to a high luster
  • 5 1/4L x 1/2 diameter; 1.32 oz
  • We offer Waterford fountain pen refills
  • We also recommend Levenger ink and cartridges
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WF Celebration Fountain Pen 4.3 5 6 6
Greaty pen. Even better customer service I wanted to write to express my extreme pleasure with the Levenger company. My wife first purchased my Waterford Celebration Fountain pen about two years ago for my birthday. “A gentlemen’s pen for a true gentleman,” she told me as she handed me the box. As an admirer of finely crafted products, I felt a sense of pride as I held and wrote with my pen for the very first time. I could only imagine that this is what it felt like when Arthur pulled the sword from the stone! Seriously, all hyperbole aside, it was really a superb implement…ink that flowed as smoothly as silk, nicely weighted, 14k gold plated nib, Waterford crystal in the pen cap, and engraved with my initials. However, the quality of the pen began to wither. It was not writing as smoothly as it did in the beginning. I had to “scratch” the paper several times before the ink began to flow. The symptom continued to worsen to the point where it no longer became enjoyable to write. At some point, I just stopped using the pen. Two years passed and I happened to be on the Levenger website to see about gifts for a distinguished colleague of mine. For the sake of sentiment, I went to look at the fountain pens and to reminisce of the days past when my fountain pen used to work. There, I noticed some customer reviews on the Celebration Fountain Pen. I was shocked to see that there were others who had experienced problems similar to mine. One of the reviewers did say that he was able to correct the problem using a new nib and cartridge. Hope glimmered as I once again saw a chance to fix my pen. I wrote Levenger to ask about the part numbers mentioned in the review so that I too could resurrect my pen. I was encouraged to call customer service. I explained my situation to the young woman and she mentioned that, “Levenger backs all of their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.” I told her that it had been two years, and that I didn’t know if too much time had passed. “Nonsense,” she replied. “For the amount of money you spent, we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied. Just send it back and we will replace it with a new one. We will even take care of the shipping.” Never have I ever been treated so well by a company. With other companies I spend most of the time justifying my position, only to be referred to the small print on a piece of paper long since discarded. But, with Levenger, I was treated with respect. I was valued. I was listened to and felt like Levenger really cared. I think of the old adage, “you cannot love others if you first don’t love yourself.” It is so obvious to me that Levenger is a company that has pride in itself, its products, its employees, most importantly, its clients. So, in that instant, my loyalty was won. I have been praising my experience with Levenger to my colleagues and friends ever since. My only regret is that I forgot the name of the young woman who was so kind and gracious in helping me. (I suppose if I had a pen, I would have written her name down). So, I am left to extend my thanks to the entire company. Keep up the great work. You have definitely earned a client for life! February 15, 2014
Crystal is not of the quality I expected and the pen leaks through the nib. That being said, it's keeper! August 18, 2013
Disappointed... I want to love this pen. I have now had two from Levenger and it simply doesn't work reliably. The pen is beautiful and feels fantastic in your hand. Well weighted and feel like quality. I love everything about it until I start to write. Then, be prepared to waste a sheet of paper trying to get the ink to flow, once it gets going it isn't too bad, but I have tried with disposable cartridges, refillable inks etc. and the end result is the same. I only feel like I can use it for special occasions like a major contract signing. Sadly, stay away. June 6, 2013
Works beautifully in the end I bought this as a gift for myself to commemorate a promotion. It is absolutely beautiful and the balance is good for my hand. I had a lot of trouble with the original nib and what may have been old ink cartridges. I ended up buying the Levenger fine nib and empyrean blue catridges. Finally it works beautifully. Looks great with a leather portfolio at the most important meetings. April 9, 2012
Stunning I purchased this fountain pen from Levenger during a sale period last December. The price was unattainable at any other outlet for a fountain pen of this quality. I added personalization, and made the fountain pen all the more special as an addition to my collection. This model is lovely to look at, but even better to hold as you write. It has an excellent balance and smooth nib. I have been collecting fountain pens since High School, and this is one of my favorites thus far. April 26, 2011
Classy and Good Write I asked for this pen for my birthday as am an avid fountain pen user and collector. This pen is stunning and not only looks good but writes like butter. Highly recommend this instrument to all. May 7, 2010
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