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True Writer French Impressionist Fountain Pen 4.8 5 5 5
Great Right From the Start The start, that is, after I cleaned up the pen and threw away its box,which had become fouled due to a leak of the enclosed ink cartridge. But that is a packing or shipping problem and not why I ranked quality with four stars. I hadn't bought a pen from Levenger for years because of a poor quality nib on an blue ocean Shaefer pen that I had gotten there previously. I should have sent it back but didn't know better, and eventually I began inspecting the pens with a jeweler's loupe. On this True Writer there seemed to be a little plastic partially blocking the orifice that connects to the cartridge or piston converter, so I carefully cleaned that out, but the nib looked splendid, and it is. I was very impressed with how smoothly the ink flowed and how well this pen feels and handles, as well as looks. I like to write with these pens when I can and I especially like to use it for learning and writing Asian scripts. January 13, 2013
Simply wonderful! I decided to plunge back into fountain pens after seeing my first Levenger catalog a couple of years ago. I bought one True Writer and then later a Pelican. Well, I actually like the fine nibbed True Writer pen the best. The ink flows perfectly; writing with this pen is effortless. Now I have two gorgeous True Writers - the sea glass and the Impressionist. There is no turning back to cheap disposable pens for me! I love writing. Using a fountain pen takes me back in time each time I set pen to paper. Thanks, Levenger! October 8, 2012
Sunny I was charmed by this pen. The sunny yellow and gold said lightness and summer. The impressionists are my favorites; They had a way with light. The pen is really a nice weight. The metal grip is a nice touch. My penmanship will be better.Ha! June 23, 2012
Nice fountain pen I loved the look of this pen and decided to make it my first ever fountain pen acquisition. I'm glad I did. It is a very nice pen to look at and with the Levenger black ink it writes very well (I'm still waiting for my sample pack of colored cartridges to arrive). Several people at my office have commented favorably about what a nice pen it is. My next question is - which pen am I going to get next? May 24, 2012
Lovely addition to the line Just received my French Impressionist fountain pen. I was hoping since the nib appeared to be the same as on my favorite Cafe Au Lait fountain pen, that I would have a similar love at first letter, and I did. I ordered the fine nib, and it is indeed fine, perhaps even more so than the Cafe au Lait. For those who find TW fine nibs larger and wetter than they might like, the French Impressionist is a wonderful choice. April 29, 2012
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