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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Price: $37.00
Item: AP9440
Rugged and sporty Lamy Safari fountain pen
Regarded worldwide as a pioneer in modern pen design, Lamy has been a chief innovator in the field for decades. With its flexible clip of strong brass wire (resembling a paper clip), the lightweight Lamy Safari Fountain Pen has a contoured grip that makes it more comfortable to write. Founded in 1930, Lamy develops and produces all its products at its factory in Heidelberg, Germany.
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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen 4.6 5 20 20
Best purchase for new fountainpen owner. This is the first pen I ever bought. It was beautiful, it wrote well, but like other people have probably said, the nib isn't correct. I find it to be more than just a medium. The quality was great though, but there was a few hiccups getting started. I settled in to the pen and now I love it. I wish it had a metalic cousin that I could get my hands on. November 17, 2013
Great Pen Outstanding pen that writes with ease. The cartridges work well and I'm looking forward to using the ink I just received to use in business. September 28, 2013
Excellent. This pen was yet another gift to me (my friends & family know and understand my obsession with the best writing utensils out there) and this one, the Lamy safari, is a great deal for the price. I do, however, have two minor issues with this pen. First, the cartridges. Finding a match in any store thus far is proving to be a real feat. I have no problem ordering refills online, though. Second, the small gasket that 'seals' the pen is getting a bit loose- I use this pen quite a lot. Overall, out of all the fountain pens I've owned & used, this one is always in my pocket. June 24, 2012
LOVE these pens! I tried a Lamy Safari several years ago (with an extra fine tip) and I got hooked. My friends joke with me for collecting $30 fountain pens instead of the expensive ones, but these write better than my more expensive fountain pens. Even my beloved Levenger and Acmes! Extra fine tip, fine tip, medium tip - I've never had a single problem with them and I love having my "choice of fashion colors" when I'm in a fountain pen mood. I dislike the fact that I haven't found a cartridge that fits (Lamy brand excluded of course), but that's what the converter is for. If I could only fill the pens without making a mess, life with the Safari would be perfect! March 24, 2012
A Pen That Writes! At last I have a fountain pen that actually works. I've wanted to switch to a fountain pen for years, as they're greener, but I could never get a smooth flow of ink with the previous pens I've purchased from Levenger even though some of them cost three times as much as this Lamy. I'm thrilled. True, it's not the prettiest pen, but that's really immaterial. December 15, 2011
Great pen, but I read a review which said the find point was thick so I ordered a fine point instead of my usual medium. My opinion is that the fine is just that, fine! I should have listened to my intuition. That said, I think it is an excellent product and as advertised. It writes very nicely and doesn't dry out if you don't cap it immediately. Considering the price I think the quality is excellent, sometimes you do get more than you pay for! Style is appropriate but nothing to get excited about which I why I only gave it 4 stars there. Again, the value is great. I will order a medium nib when I can but in the meantime this is a great pen and I will use it for times when a medium point is just too much. (Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Price: $35, Item:AP9440 ) October 9, 2011
Outstanding this pen is not only light weight, but an excellent writer. September 24, 2011
Cannot beat the reliability, functionality I bought my first Lamy Safari several years ago from Levenger due to price and a very good review. I now have 2 and 3 of the related AL-Stars. Like many others have said, they are reliable. I have set one down on my desk with the cap off, picked it up 30 minutes later and it wrote immediately. I have recommended this as a first fountain pen to many people and have always had a positive response if they followed my recommendation. I was glad to see Levenger was again carrying these pens. July 27, 2011
Great for the money! I purchased my pen approx a month ago. I LOVE everything about it...except I ordered a fine nib and to me, it writes like a medium. As I do a fair amount of writing in small areas (fields/blocks) and rarely can fit much of what I need to write within them, this "fine" nib is very disappointing. However, everything else about the pen is great. I only rated the style as a 4 because it is plastic...however, what do you expect for the cost of the pen?! Unlike many of the lower end pens I have tried, this one has never skipped on any type of paper I have tried. July 5, 2011
Great Pen & Economical Unlike my expensive fountain pens, this pen writes immediately when I remove the cap. The ink or ink cartridges do not dry out quickly as in other fountain pens. Portable, lightweight, easy, inexpensive. A go-to pen. Fine nib is available here, and extra-fine nib elsewhere, if you can find it. June 23, 2011
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