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True Writer Bright Write Fountain Pen 4.8 5 6 6
Love this pen! There's nothing like a smooth-writing pen! This one excels in color--cornflower blue!--and heft, although it's a bit fatter than I expected. The price is incredible. So far it hasn't leaked all over me, an endearing characteristic indeed! Thank you, thank you!!! April 20, 2013
GREAT COLOR & STYLE I bought this fountain pen in both colors; both colors are bright and fun. The one and only drawback is that I wish the FINE nib that I ordered wrote a little finer. It's not that much different than a medium nib. I realize many things can influence how a pen performs; part of that is the type paper used, so I'll keep experimenting. I have 20 Levenger pens and like every one of them!!! April 11, 2013
I need to order more As soon as the two fountain pens arrived, my husband glommed onto one. He's a mathematician, philosopher, and linguist, and the smooth-writing nib was perfect for his studies. But dang, I wanted both those pens for myself! Pink and blue, my favorite colors. The only drawback: the cartridges that came with the pens were dried out. I had to substitute fresh ones, which fortunately I had ordered. The ink color is fresh, the nib weight fine, and the writing effortless. I love these pens. March 22, 2013
best fountain pen I have used I am a grad student with an obsession for office supplies. I have wanted a fountain pen for years, and just recently took the plunge and bought one...which quickly turned into me buying three more. I saw the True Writer on sale and thought I'd give it a try. As soon as I put pen to paper, I couldn't believe how smooth it was. The ink flows perfectly, and the weight is well balanced. I don't like a super heavy pen, but I don't want a cheap-o plastic one either. This pen is amazing, and perfect for everyday writing and note-taking. I'm actually ordering a second one right now so that I can have two for note taking (I use two colors for school: black for reading notes/out of class writing and blue for class writing...I'm a getting a Masters in theology, so that's a lot of writing!). Oh, and another bonus--this pen comes with an ink cartridge AND a converter. I love that I didn't have to buy the converter separately. One final comment, I know that some people have complained about the screw-on caps for the other True Writer pens. I have had absolutely no problems with the cap--it seals tightly, posts well, and the threads on the pen body are very shallow and don't interfere with the grip at all. This is a great pen! March 3, 2013
Excellent value I ordered this pen as a gift, and was so enamoured with it that I'm getting one for myself now. It writes smoothly and is very solidly constructed; I look forward to writing with mine for years to come. February 23, 2013
Beautiful writing instrument I was hesitant to buy this pen based on some of the other reviews, but once I wrote with it , it was love at first write! The ink flows so smoothly and the nib glides across the paper, and I've tries it on different types of paper. The bright color is fun to add to your collection. I own about 15 fountain pens and this is by far in the top 3! In my opinion, they are a wonderful pen for the price. February 7, 2013
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